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Pope Francis gestures during a meeting with the media onboard the papal plane while en route to Rome

Pope Francis is surprising, secretive and shrewd

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis is keeping his cards close to his chest as he tries to push through a progressive agenda to make the Church more welcoming in the face of conservative opposition.

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Russia beefs up Baltic Fleet amid NATO tensions: reports

MOSCOW/STOCKHOLM Russia is sharply upgrading the firepower of its Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad by adding warships armed with long-range cruise missiles to counter NATO's build-up in the region, Russian media reported on Wednesday.

Calais Jungle camp clearance accomplished, prefect says

CALAIS, France French authorities on Wednesday finished clearing the "Jungle", a squalid shanty town built outside the port of Calais by thousands of migrants desperately seeking a passage to Britain, and expected to disperse the last of its inhabitants around France within hours.

Israel says ancient papyrus supports its claim to Jerusalem

JERUSALEM Israeli archaeologists have made public a fragment of an ancient text which they say is the earliest Hebrew reference to Jerusalem outside the Bible - a discovery the government swiftly enlisted as evidence of the Jewish connection to the holy city.



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