CHRONOLOGY-Main events in Chinese-Pakistani relations

Fri Nov 24, 2006 6:28am EST

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(Reuters) - Chinese President Hu Jintao, making the first visit to Pakistan by a Chinese president in a decade, promised on Friday to bolster his country's ties with its old ally to a new level.

Following are some of the important events in relations between the neighbors.

1950 - Pakistan becomes third non-communist country, and first Muslim one, to recognize China.

1951 - China and Pakistan establish diplomatic relations.

1962 - China and India fight border war, providing new opportunities for Pakistan's relations with China.

1963 - China and Pakistan reach first formal trade agreement.

1963 - China and Pakistan reach border agreement.

1965 - China supports Pakistan diplomatically in war with India, as it does again in 1971.

1965 - In response to war with India, U.S. cuts military support to Pakistan. China soon becomes Pakistan's principal arms supplier.

1970 - Pakistan helps U.S. make contacts with China that result in visit to China by then U.S. National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger in 1971.

1978 - Karakoram Highway linking mountainous northern Pakistan with western China officially opens.

1980s - China and U.S. supply help through Pakistan to Afghan guerrillas fighting Soviet occupation forces.

1986 - China and Pakistan reach comprehensive nuclear cooperation agreement.

1996 - Chinese President Jiang Zemin pays state visit to Pakistan.

1999 - A 300-megawatt nuclear power plant, built with Chinese help in Punjab province, is completed. China is helping to build a second 300-megawatt nuclear plant due to be finished by 2010.

2002 - Chinese Vice Premier Wu Banggu attends ground-breaking ceremony for Pakistan's Gwadar deep-sea port. China provides $198 million for $248 million joint project.