Belgian Valentines to squeak of love

BRUSSELS Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:58am EST

1 of 10. A woman carries a bouquet of flowers in a shop during Valentine's Day celebrations in Baghdad February 14, 2007.

Credit: Reuters/Ceerwan Aziz

BRUSSELS Feb 14 (Reuters Life!) - Belgians tired of giving chocolate treats and flowers for Valentine's Day will be able to spend the evening squeaking out declarations of love in a bar selling helium.

The bar, which normally offers oxygen, is encouraging customers to inhale helium, which distorts the voice, giving a high-pitched cartoon-character sound for a funny effect.

"Valentine's Day is a special day for couples but its possible to have a party with just two. I wanted to make a different kind of party. Also people who are alone can come here and have some fun," said Gerard Bazzone, co-owner of the Pure Bar.

But patrons should be wary of pledging undying love repeatedly as too much helium can cause asphyxiation.