Roger Hedgecock Introduces the Ultimate Voter's Guide Series

Mon Dec 3, 2007 3:18pm EST

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(Business Wire)--With the 2008 Presidential Campaign in full swing and the election
less than twelve months away, Roger Hedgecock introduces "The 2008
Conservative Voter's Field Guide," an educational series with study
guide created to educate American voters as to the important issues
our nation faces and guide them in making a personal decision that
works for them. "If voters are educated and understand the issues,
they are in a better position to elect the right President for the
people in 2008," Hedgecock introduces.

   In an easy-read format, Hedgecock presents "The 2008 Conservative
Voter's Field Guide" series in a matter-of-fact, bullet point
composition providing the reader a user-friendly formula to allow for
easy and quick navigation from beginning to end. The series is a
must-read for all U.S. citizens who are considering or planning to
vote in the 2008 Election.

   The first volume of "The 2008 Conservative Voter's Field Guide"
reviews the issues and current circumstances surrounding immigration
in the U.S. providing statistics, factual references and expert
opinions. "The 2008 Conservative Voter's Field Guide--Immigration" (88
pages from front to back) was released November 3, 2007 (Music City
News Publishing) and can currently be found in major bookstores or by

   "Some people don't vote because they don't really understand the
issues, nor do they understand the candidate's position on the issues.
Our goal here is to educate people so that they become active in their
future by voting in the 2008 election," Hedgecock explains.

   Hedgecock's experience and background as the Former Mayor of San
Diego, trial attorney (UC Santa Barbara and US Hastings College of
Law) and No. 1 talk radio host in Southern California (for twenty-two
years) has earned him recognition as a man who speaks louder than
words. Roger is known for encouraging his listeners to take action. In
addition to his San Diego-based daily talk show, Roger hosts his own
nationally syndicated live program on Saturday mornings
(; he believes that "the news doesn't stop on the
weekends--especially in an election year."

   "We've become a 'busy' nation," Hedgecock added. "Our motivation
is to educate the public and this series is quick, concise and can be
read anywhere. The Guide lessens the reasons for Americans to be
non-participants or just plain uninformed in this highly charged
political year."

   Frequently an expert political voice on national radio shows and
television, Hedgecock has appeared on "The Rush Limbaugh Show" (Guest
Host), CNN, Fox News Channel, "FOX & Friends," "Hannity & Colmes,"
"The O'Reilly Factor" and "Weekend Live" (Fox News).

   He is scheduled to be in New York City in mid-December to
introduce and promote the series. "The 2008 Conservative Voter's Field
Guide--Immigration" is number one in the series of six. Other volumes
to be published: War on Terror, Healthcare, Economy and Tax Reform,
Medicare and Social Security and Global Warming.

   Hedgecock will broadcast live from the heart of the Iowa
Presidential Candidate Caucus at FAIR's Talk Radio Row
( on December 27 and 28 at the Des Moines Marriot along
with ABC, CBS Networks and Citadel.

   Coincidentally, in conjunction with the release of "The 2008
Conservative Voter's Field Guide--Immigration" FAIR will host an
on-site press conference to introduce it's new "Cost of Illegal
Immigration in Iowa" study.

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