UN Gives Confidential Press Contacts to Political Allies

Thu Dec 6, 2007 3:59pm EST

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Breach of ethics caught on audio
CHICAGO, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In order to receive press
credentials and gain access to the United Nations' conference on climate
change in Bali, world environment and climate change journalists were required
to register with the UN media office in Bonn, Germany. 

To achieve the desired press coverage, the UN media office provided the list
of credentialed journalists to its political allies.

No fewer than four organizations immediately started saturating the list with
press releases. Press releases have already been distributed by Greenpeace
(3), Union of Concerned Scientists (1), Environment Press of the European
Parliament (2), and Panos (1).

Cindy Baxter of Greenpeace admitted having the UN media list. 

Audio file:

UN Media List: 


She sent out the alarmist press release: "Don't Cook the Climate," Greenpeace
tells crucial UN climate talks. The release boasts of Greenpeace's
over-the-top street theater with a 20-foot-high thermometer with the message,
"Don't Cook the Climate." 

The press releases are filled with alarmist hyperbole designed to cause fear
and panic. The extremism of the releases borders on religious zealotry, with
apocalyptic phrases like "biggest threat civilisation has ever faced" and "for
the very survival of the planet." 

This egregious breach of ethics breaks a core rule of journalism: that the
foundation of democracy is based on seeking truth and providing a fair and
comprehensive account of events with thoroughness and honesty. 

"This is a sad day for the UN, but not unexpected. They have purposefully
rejected any dissenting opinions. Now that the science has reversed on them,
the UN is resorting to bully tactics and manipulation to achieve their
political goals," said James M. Taylor, senior fellow for environment policy
at The Heartland Institute. "The first victim of global warming was science
and truth with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Now it appears
every aspect of the UN has become politicized." 

Audio file: 

UN Media List: 

Press Releases:

"Don't Cook the Climate" Greenpeace Tells Crucial UN Climate Talks -

Union of Concerned Scientists Sending Scientists, Policy Experts to Un Climate
Meeting http://www.heartland.org/Article.cfm?artId=22405

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Partnership are encouraging debate on climate change in the South -

Stopping Deforestation: moving towards a mechanism for emissions reductions
for the second commitment period -

Greenpeace launches landmark proposal for reducing tropical deforestation at
Bali Climate Talks - http://www.heartland.org/Article.cfm?artId=22408

MEPs to attend the UN Climate Change conference-

Halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050: MEPs outline the mandate for
Bali- http://www.heartland.org/Article.cfm?artId=22410

For more information about The Heartland Institute, please contact Tom Swiss,
director of public relations at 312/377-4000, email tswiss@heartland.org. 
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View UN media list: 


SOURCE  The Heartland Institute

Tom Swiss of The Heartland Institute, +1-312-377-4000, +1-773-485-9477,
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