Riot Launches DI Theatre for Features

Thu Dec 6, 2007 4:57pm EST

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Studio Hires Devin Sterling as Exec Producer for DI
SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(Business Wire)--Riot has unveiled an all-new DI Theatre at its Santa Monica
facility, combining the latest in digital imaging technology with a
flexible workflow designed to accommodate all types of high-end
feature work. The introduction of DI services marks the final step in
Riot's year-long drive to relaunch its Feature Film Services division,
an effort that has included a marked expansion of its visual effects
resources and staff. The studio can now deliver complete digital post
production services for features from dailies through final delivery.

   "We have taken a deliberate approach toward building a DI
resource--incorporating the best of everything into a facility that
fits hand-in-glove with our visual effects operations," said Riot
Managing Director, Michael Taylor.

   Riot currently has several projects lined up for DI work,
including "Game" for Lakeshore Entertainment, where grading will be
performed by DI Colorist Siggy Ferstl. Riot has designed a proprietary
workflow for the film, which is being shot with the RED ONE digital
cinema camera, that will encompass dailies processing, visual effects
production, color grading and deliverables. Riot is also handling DI
work for another Lakeshore title, "Henry Poole is Here".

   To oversee the new service, Riot has hired Devin Sterling as
Executive Producer for DI. Formerly a DI Producer for Technicolor,
Sterling has broad experience in digital intermediate production,
including for such films as "The Departed", "Fantastic Four: Rise of
the Silver Surfer" and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend".

   Among the unique features of Riot's DI Theatre is a dual-sided 19'
by 9' projection screen. The screen has a white surface on one face
for conventional screenings, and a silver surface on the reverse side
for screening stereoscopic 3D imagery. The unusually large size of the
screen also allows it to accommodate the screening of film and digital
imagery in virtually any aspect ratio.

   Color grading will be accomplished via Da Vinci's Resolve RT.
Other key technical resources include a Kinoton FP 30 screening room
projector and a Barco DP90P digital cinema projector.

   Riot is located at 702/730 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401.
For more information, call Devin Sterling, Lindsay Burnett or Michael
Taylor at (310) 434-6000 or Cliff Dugan of Ascent Media Group at (323)

Devin Sterling, Lindsay Burnett or Michael Taylor
Ascent Media Group
Cliff Dugan, 323-988-6522

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