Research Indicates Nearly 25 Percent of Supplements Are Contaminated With Steroids,...

Thu Dec 6, 2007 5:28pm EST

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Research Indicates Nearly 25 Percent of Supplements Are Contaminated With
Steroids, Stimulants and Banned Substances
Informed-Choice Looks to Raise Level of Awareness and Help Athletes Reduce

    LAKE WYLIE, S.C., Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a new study released
today and commissioned by Informed-Choice LLC, a not-for-profit partnership
between supplement companies and a world-class, anti-doping laboratory,
approximately one quarter of supplements could be contaminated.
    Fifty-eight supplement samples were purchased from popular retail outlets
and Internet sites in the United States and sent to HFL*, the world's most
experienced anti-doping lab in the field of supplement testing, for analysis.
Twenty-five percent of the samples showed the presence of steroid
contamination while 11 percent showed the existence of stimulants. Samples
were analyzed using a validated and ISO 17025-accredited method developed
specifically for the qualitative analysis of supplements and used to detect
the presence of low levels of steroid and stimulant contaminants that are
considered prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
    "Our objective was to follow up on international research that highlighted
supplement contamination four years ago to see if this was still an industry
issue - and the results of the Informed-Choice study clearly indicate it is,
"said Kelly Hoffman, executive director, Informed-Choice. "Our intent is not
to 'name and shame' supplement companies because our goal is to work in
partnership with the trade to improve products and ensure the safety of
athletes and the general public who use supplements."
    Hoffman said her organization will be confidentially discussing the
results directly with those supplement companies whose products tested
positive for contaminants.
    According to David Hall, HFL's chief executive, the majority of the
contamination is inadvertent.
    "Although some supplement companies are aware of the banned performance-
enhancing contents, the majority are not," said Hall. "The levels of
contamination are too low to be detected using routine methods, but high
enough to possibly generate a positive urine test for an athlete. That's why
it is essential that supplement companies perform the proper testing of
products to trace levels - using ISO 17025-accredited methods."
    Inadvertent contamination can typically occur via the supply of raw
materials, the use of ill-defined herbal-based materials, cross-contamination
within the manufacturing or packaging process (whether in-house or through
third parties), and even through the use of inadequately cleaned equipment.
    "The publicity surrounding performance-enhancing substances is gathering
more steam at every level of athletics," Hoffman said. "Young athletes are at
particular risk because they may have the least information to make
responsible choices. With news of new steroid investigations and positive drug
tests for banned substances appearing virtually every week, supplement
companies are stepping forward and taking a proactive approach to find
solutions to what many experts view as an epidemic. We are taking the lead in
an industry effort to provide athletes, coaches, trainers and parents with a
solution to help them make an 'informed choice' when it comes to taking or
recommending a supplement."
    Hoffman added, "This is very much a joint effort, and, in addition to
supplement companies, we encourage professional athletic organizations,
states, academic institutions and other trade associations to join Informed-
Choice to help strengthen the integrity of the industry."
    About Informed-Choice
    Informed-Choice is a partnership between supplement companies and HFL, a
world-class, anti-doping laboratory, that helps athletes, coaches, trainers
parents make an informed choice about the supplements they are taking or
recommending. Informed-Choice is a trade effort - supplement companies coming
together to recognize industry problems and proactively take action. Informed-
Choice uses a WADA-experienced lab that is ISO 17025 for supplements and has
analyzed more samples for banned substances than any other lab in the world. A
not-for-profit organization, Informed-Choice serves as an extension of
quality-assurance programs with an independent board of experts in medical
nutrition, training and pharmacology. For more information, visit
    * Note: HFL is a WADA-experienced lab and ISO 17025 accredited. HFL has
analyzed more samples for banned substances than any other lab in the world.
Only a handful of WADA-accredited laboratories had undertaken supplement
testing, and WADA has recently prohibited this practice with its latest
release of The Internal Standard for Laboratories. Because of this, in
September 2007, HFL stepped away from its WADA-accreditation and elite athlete
urine testing in favor of working with supplements. At the time of the study,
HFL was a WADA-accredited laboratory.
SOURCE  Informed-Choice, LLC

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