Credit One Financial Solutions Launches Marble Arch Home Loans, Offering Responsible...

Wed Dec 19, 2007 1:18pm EST

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Credit One Financial Solutions Launches Marble Arch Home Loans, Offering Responsible Consumers a New Debt Consolidation Solution

        Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit Offer Lower, More
                      Competitive Interest Rates

    Credit One Partnering with GB Mortgage, Subsidiary of Guaranty
NEWARK, Del.--(Business Wire)--Fast-growing Credit One Financial Solutions (,
the financial services company formed in October 1996 by five former
MBNA executives, announced today it has added an extensive suite of
home loan options - including home equity loans and lines of credit -
to its portfolio of debt consolidation solutions for consumers with
good credit and a history of paying their bills on time.

   Jointly owned by Credit One and GB Mortgage, Marble Arch Home
Loans ( will offer consumers looking to
consolidate their debt a range of competitive home loan products. Home
equity loans and lines of credit typically offer interest rates that
are lower than those offered through credit cards, a common method of
debt consolidation, and the interest paid can usually be tax

   "Our goal is always to put our customers in a better place
financially, whether that be with a Credit One personal line of credit
or a Marble Arch home equity loan," said Jeff Hitchens, Director of
Marble Arch Home Loans. "We believe we are uniquely positioned in the
marketplace because our Individual Credit Planners work one-on-one
with customers to tailor the optimal debt consolidation solution."

   With its investment in Marble Arch Home Loans, Credit One is now
able to offer a full spectrum of debt consolidation solutions that
offer advantages over the more common consumer practice of
transferring debt to a new credit card, said Credit One CEO Joe

   "Customers now have several options to meet their immediate cash
flow needs as well as their long-term debt consolidation goals," he

   The personal line of credit solution almost always leaves
consumers with more money available to them at the end of the month
and offers a solution that gets them out of debt faster than a credit
card, which can take a long time to pay off, DePaulo said.

   Although APR's on unsecured lines of credit are typically lower
than credit cards, home equity loans usually have the lowest rates

   "That's where the Marble Arch home equity loan comes in," DePaulo
said. "We can now offer customers the option of using the power of
their homes to get the most competitive rates available."

   "GB Mortgage's mission as a leading national lender is not only to
provide top quality service, but also to empower our clients with the
technology, innovation, and access needed for high demand products,"
said Craig Kouba, President of GB Mortgage. "With all of the upheaval
in the mortgage industry recently, GB Mortgage is pleased to partner
with a company that shares our commitment to doing things the right
way and focusing on what's best for the customer."

   Marble Arch Home Loans will feature:

   --  Low introductory rates starting below Prime

   --  Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

   --  Possible tax deductibility for interest paid (consumers should
        consult their tax advisor)

   --  A Rate Lock Option that safeguards against volatile economic
        conditions with the option to stay with a variable,
        interest-only payment, or the flexibility to lock a portion or
        all of the loan balance at a fixed rate at anytime

   --  No closing cost options

   About GB Mortgage

   GB Mortgage LLC, (an Illinois Limited Liability Company) is a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Guaranty Bank, FSB of Milwaukee, WI. GB
Mortgage works with an extensive network of third party originators
who provide consumer direct lending. With locations throughout the
country, GB Mortgage continues to grow and currently serves more than
5,000 independent mortgage brokers and bankers.

   About Credit One Financial Solutions

   Credit One Financial Solutions ( is a consumer
lending business that delivers debt consolidation in the prime credit
market. Headquartered in Newark, DE, Credit One Financial Solutions
offers a suite of debt consolidation products, led by an unsecured
personal line of credit, to a wide range of qualified customers.

   Credit One is a member of GB Mortgage and has an ownership
interest in the operating division of GB Mortgage doing business as
Marble Arch Home Loans.

Credit One Financial Solutions
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