Guidance Achieves Carbon Neutrality, Marks Several Green Milestones in 2007

Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:00am EST

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Through New Company-Wide Practices and Community-Based Volunteer
   Activities, Guidance is Helping Create a Sustainable Environment
MARINA DEL REY, Calif.--(Business Wire)--Guidance (, a specialized technology
advisor that envisions, builds and supports web technology solutions
that help businesses thrive online, today announced that the company
achieved carbon neutrality in 2007 - a full 18 months ahead of its

   For 2007, Guidance's purchase of renewable energy credits offset
100 percent of the carbon emissions associated with its business
activities. The renewable energy source derives from wind and biomass
production facilities. The company's commitment to using renewable
energy credits helps avoid more than 99 metric tons - or 219,000
pounds - of CO2 per year, which has the equivalent impact of not
driving more than 243,000 miles.

   This achievement is the work of Guidance Green, a committee
established to help Guidance meet an ambitious yet concrete goal: to
operate as an environmentally aware, carbon-neutral company by 2009.
In March 2007, Guidance employees officially declared that the
environment matters to them, as a business and as individuals, and
they signed a declaration to set in motion actions that will help
Guidance go green. To read the declaration, go to

   "Our respect for the environment requires that we consider the
negative impact we make on our Earth and that we jointly declare our
commitment to reduce that impact and to preserve our planet," said Jon
Provisor, Guidance CTO and head of Guidance Green. "It's more than a
set of 'green' policies and procedures - though that's certainly where
we all need to start. But beyond that, it's about making a commitment
to live and work differently, to get involved in our community and to
help others do the same. It's personal for us."

   In June, Guidance employees partnered with Heal the Bay and local
Boy Scout Troop 108 to spend the morning cleaning up Mother's Beach in
nearby Venice, Calif. In August, Provisor and his son spent a day with
the Tree Musketeers, a non-profit organization with a mission to help
young people become leaders of environmental and social change in the
Earth's communities.

   Among the green-friendly changes Guidance made throughout 2007:

   --  Celebrated National Rideshare Week by implementing rideshare
        day and an ongoing carpool incentive program

   --  Implemented recycling program

   --  Switched to purchase of recycled paper office products,
        holiday cards and other paper goods

   --  Set the A/C to maintain a steady temperature and to turn off
        when not in use

   --  Launched the Guidance Green blog
        ( to create a community
        of like-minded individuals and companies that can respond
        together to the Green Challenge

   --  Installed motion detectors in the restrooms to save

   --  Phased out plastic and paper use in the kitchen

   --  Installed bicycle racks to encourage bike riding

   --  Began using energy efficient light bulbs wherever possible

   Data centers account for 1.5 percent to 3 percent of electricity
consumption in the United States, according to CIO Magazine's special
report, "Green is Better." A recent report by Stanford University
researcher Jonathan Koomey says worldwide energy consumption for
servers, cooling equipment and related infrastructure doubled from
2000 to 2005, and could nearly double again by 2010 - unless companies
make a concerted effort for change. That effort can include seemingly
mundane acts like better managing data center cooling and keeping a
closer eye on electricity bills, according to InformationWeek's review
of the report, titled "Estimating Regional Power Consumption By
Servers, A Technical Note."

   Guidance has committed to reducing its own energy waste, to
minimizing consumption, and to reusing and recycling material waste
produced through its business activities. The company also is
evaluating its hardware choices based on environmental impact, to
reduce electricity consumption. Guidance is working to expand the
Guidance Green mission into the community through the participation in
and creation of eco-friendly events, and through the Guidance Green

   Guidance's green initiative was inspired by its client, Bentley
Prince Street, a leading U.S. manufacturer of award-winning broadloom
and carpet tile products for commercial interiors. Bentley Prince
Street is committed to sustainable commerce and innovations to
integrate style and function with environmental practices through its
Mission Zero(TM) goal of eliminating any negative impact it has on the
environment by the year 2020.

   About Guidance

   Since 1993, Guidance ( has helped companies seize
opportunities and solve problems through the innovative and practical
use of technology. Guidance envisions, builds and supports inventive
web technology solutions that help businesses thrive online.
Specializing in e-Commerce, multi-channel retail, e-Business, business
intelligence applications and managed services, Guidance drives
increased revenue and efficiency for clients across a range of
industries. Members of the Guidance team are seasoned professionals,
passionately committed to providing technical leadership and powering
ingenuity. Key clients include Bentley Prince Street, Foot Locker,
GEARYS Beverly Hills, Relax the Back, Salvation Army, and many others.
Guidance is based in Marina del Rey, Calif.

   About Bentley Prince Street

   Defining style, color, quality and service for more than 25 years,
Bentley Prince Street manufactures and markets award-winning broadloom
and carpet tile products for commercial interiors across the globe.
Bentley Prince Street is committed to sustainable commerce and
innovations to integrate style and function with environmental
practices through its Mission Zero(TM) goal of eliminating any
negative impact it has on the environment by the year 2020. With the
industry's most comprehensive vertical carpet manufacturing facility,
the company maintains third-party certification to the ISO 9001
Quality Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management
System. Based in Los Angeles County, California, Bentley Prince Street
is a subsidiary of Interface, Inc., a global provider of
floorcoverings. For more information, please visit

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