The World Polyester - Trends in Demand and Supply is a Complete Solution to Your...

Fri Jan 18, 2008 4:44am EST

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The World Polyester - Trends in Demand and Supply is a Complete Solution to Your Requirement for Authentic and up-to-Date Data on the Demand and Supply Trends in the Polyester Industry

DUBLIN, Ireland--(Business Wire)--Research and Markets
( has announced the
addition of "World Polyester Trends in Demand and Supply 2007" to
their offering.

   The World Polyester - Trends in Demand and Supply is a complete
solution to your requirement for authentic and up-to-date data on the
demand and supply trends in the polyester industry. This compendium
covers country-wise statistical time series from 1990 to 2006 with
projections for 2012 for these individual countries.

   Polyester accounts for 74% share in total manmade fibre production
and usage globally. During 2006, production increase 10.5% to 27.2
million tons, of which, staple fibre was 11,331 thousand tons and
filament yarn was 15,921 thousand tons.

   An attempt is made to place in perspective the trends witnessed in
polyester since 1990 with regards to production, imports, exports and
apparent consumption. The presentation is made through descriptive
analysis of the trends and changes in the industry with detailed
tabulation in various permutation and combinations and graphical
presentation. The purpose of this compendium is to serve as a basic
information infrastructure for textile companies and to all those who
are related to fibres and yarns industry. The compendium will also
serve as a ready reckoner and the presentation will ease quick
consumption of the information.

   The Report is divided into two sections: Global View and Producing
country View.

   The first section covers World production of manmade and natural
fibres for the period 1980 to 2006. This section covers time series on
production of polyester - with its two streams the staple fibre and
filament yarn, viscose - staple fibre and filament yarn and acrylic
staple fibre. Among the natural fibres, the report covers production
of cotton, wool and silk. The aggregation is done for each of fibre
group namely manmade fibre - cellulosic and synthetic, and natural
fibres. They are further aggregated into total fibres production. Also
tabulations on year-on-year percentages changes and each fibre/yarn's
share in respective segment are presented.

   The second section cover details on polyester (staple fibre and
filament yarn) covering production, demand and trade (imports and
exports) of each fibre/yarn distributed by countries. The countries
are China, Taiwan, India, USA, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan,
Turkey, Germany, Pakistan, Malaysia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Spain,
Canada, France and West Europe.

   The report will be useful at all levels of decision makers and
particularly, handy for textile corporate and business planner.

   The data on manmade fibre and natural fibre is available in myriad
of sources. We have collated the data from best and authentic sources
after verifying the same with industry peers. In our endeavour to
serve our clients, we shall release the next report in 2008 with
updated data for 2007 and also incorporating projections over the
period of next five years.

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