Burgers, a Universal Favorite, Are Eaten by 85 Percent of Consumers at Least Once...

Mon Jan 21, 2008 11:15am EST

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Burgers, a Universal Favorite, Are Eaten by 85 Percent of Consumers at Least Once a Month, Says Technomic

CHICAGO--(Business Wire)--New research from foodservice consultancy Technomic found that
nearly everyone enjoys burgers from time to time. In a recent survey
of 1,200 U.S. consumers, the vast majority (85 percent) said they eat
burgers once a month or more; only 6 percent say they never eat

   These and numerous other findings are detailed in two new reports
from Technomic--one that examines key consumer trends in burger
consumption, and another that takes a closer look at the Top-25 chain
operators in the burger segment. While limited-service chains dominate
the burger category, the research confirmed that consumers tend to go
to these venues when value, price, portability and speed of service
are most important. When purchasing full-service burgers, however,
variety and freshness are of greater concern.

   Among the more interesting findings in the two burger reports:

   --  Significant differences were found in burger preferences and
        consumption behavior based on gender, age, region, ethnicity,
        and income. For example, Northeastern consumers are the
        lightest burger users, and Asian consumers are more likely to
        find themed burgers appealing than other ethnic groups.

   --  Heavy burger users, those who eat burgers once a week or more,
        make up the largest burger user category (44 percent); this
        group skews toward young consumers and those in the South and

   --  While "traditional" burgers still hold solid appeal, there is
        strong preference toward customization and "build your own
        burger" options. Additionally, variation in burger size is
        appealing to consumers, especially miniature burgers,
        typically sold as appetizers.

   --  The dynamic burger category continues to be dominated by
        limited-service restaurants, which represent 33 percent of
        U.S. LSR sales. Within the nearly-$59 billion burger category,
        the Top 25 limited-service burger chains held roughly 97
        percent of the market--and the Top 3 (McDonald's, Burger King
        and Wendy's) accounted for nearly 75 percent of LSR burger
        chain sales.

   --  Sales growth among the Top 25 LSR burger chains presented an
        extremely varied story, with some chains exhibiting
        astonishing growth, while others witnessed declines over their
        prior-year sales.

   "Burgers are more popular than ever, and represent some of the
hottest trends in the industry" says Darren Tristano, Executive Vice
President of Technomic Information Services. "Given the overall
strength in the segment and consumer interest in variety and
customization, burgers provide a great avenue for innovation and sales

   The Burger Consumer Trend Report and the Top 25 Limited-Service
Burger Chains Smart Report were developed to give restaurant operators
and foodservice suppliers vital market and consumer insights to drive
business-building efforts in the burger category. To purchase or learn
more about either report, please visit www.foodpubs.com or contact one
of the individuals listed below.

   About Technomic Information Services

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entire foodservice terrain. Technomic Information Services delivers
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   About Technomic, Inc.

   Technomic provides food and foodservice clients with the research,
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