Global Green Hospitality Consortium Provides Tools to Implement Green Initiatives

Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:17am EST

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SINGER ISLAND, Fla.--(Business Wire)--The Global Green Hospitality Consortium (GGHC) was founded to
provide the hospitality industry with the resources needed to
implement sustainable standards and practices offered by various green
associations, State, and federal programs such as EPA Green
Partnership, Energy Star and US Green Building Council's LEED

   "GGHC will work within any framework a hotel property identifies
by providing the practical tools and skilled assistance to implement
the desired standards," said Kim Karch, the group's Chief Marketing

   "The intention is not to duplicate existing or impending green
hospitality standards. On the contrary, GGHC services are designed to
facilitate the implementation of sustainable initiatives

   Among the resources provided by GGHC is a property certification
program that offers up front recognition for implementation of green
best practices - a tremendous value to both hotels and consumers.

   GGHC sustainability and green energy solutions certification will
provide the industry with the opportunity to achieve desired ROIs.
"Validation of a product's ROI claims, technical specifications,
features and functions will help hospitality property owners make
educated purchasing decisions and avoid lengthy and costly trials for
both vendors and property owners," said Zacharie Mondel, Chief
Operating Officer.

   "Utilities offer comprehensive energy efficiency and conservation
programs specific to the hospitality industry that to date are largely
untapped," said Bob Scammel, Vice President of Business Development,
Utilities and Energy Services. "GGHC will work very hard to assist
hospitality owners and managers take advantage of these programs."

   GGHC will provide access to consortium certified products,
solutions and services, facilitate communications between vendors and
end users, and promote interoperability between products.

   A primary goal of GGHC is to foster interaction among
manufacturers to define and agree on standards and protocols.

   About Global Green Hospitality Consortium (GGHC):

   GGHC is wholly owned by the Global Green Energy Consortium (GGEC),
a non-profit organization registered in the State of Delaware. GGHC's
mission is to dynamically and continuously improve the ability of
businesses, property owners, and management in the hospitality
industry to increase their positive impact on our shared environment
through the reduction of energy, water, materials and other resources
while creating positive business results.

   GGHC's unique portfolio of services demonstrates the commitment to
serve as a comprehensive source of energy conservation standards,
certification and resources to facilitate implementation of
sustainability initiatives in the Hospitality Industry.

   For more information about the consortium and its objectives,
please contact Kim Karch, at 404.641.1444 or at The
organization's website can be found at

For Global Green Energy Consortium, Singer Island
Kim Karch, 404-641-1444

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