Glovia Services Introduces GSInnovate Inventory Edition

Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:00am EST

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Fully Integrated On-Demand Manufacturing Inventory Software
           Solution Provides Complete Visibility and Control
EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
Glovia Services Inc., a subsidiary of Glovia International Inc.
and Fujitsu, the world's third largest IT services provider, today
introduced its GSInnovate Inventory Edition solution. This dynamic,
on-demand inventory software solution integrates seamlessly and
complements current ERP and manufacturing systems and applications.
Flexible, affordable and accessible through a Web browser, GSInnovate
Inventory Edition requires no additional software, hardware or IT
staff and can be implemented quickly and easily, without disrupting
business operations.

   "Today, manufacturers are still challenged and continue to
struggle to gain inventory visibility and control from their existing
systems," said Jim Errington, director of sales support for Glovia
Services. "We saw the need for a pluggable, inventory software
solution that allows manufacturers to track goods in real time while
accurately managing and forecasting inventory levels across the
enterprise -beyond the four walls - and report a single, accurate view
of that up-to-date information to everyone who needs it, anytime and

   Leveraging its rich experience in manufacturing and expertise in
inventory software, Glovia Services realized that many manufacturers
still continue to rely on outdated inventory control methods such as
manual spreadsheets and limited point solutions. These isolated
approaches only contribute further to the non-integrated "islands of
information" that can lead to costly missteps and errors in judgment.

   GSInnovate Inventory Edition has deep inventory management,
analysis and tracking functionalities including:

   --  Real-Time Inventory Value

   --  Material Movement and Physical Inventory Tracking

   --  Lot/Serial Trace Capability

   --  Multi-Location Management

   --  Actual and Average Costing

   --  Supplier Quality Analysis

   --  Inactive/Obsolete Capabilities and ABC Classification

   --  Standard and Ad Hoc Report and Data Export

   "We want to enable manufacturers with the right inventory software
tools to meet today's real-world competitive challenges," said Randy
Ehler, president and CEO of Glovia Services. "GSInnovate Inventory
Edition helps eliminate these islands of information and provides
manufacturers with a global, integrated view of all materials and
inventories across multiple locations, which can significantly impact
and improve the decision-making process, reduce costs, improve
customer service and simplify inventory count processes, resulting in
a quick ROI by complementing and not disrupting their existing

   GSInnovate Inventory Edition online access relieves customers from
the need to provide a technical staff to maintain the software
solution; and since it is priced per-user, customers are not required
to make any long-term commitments. Additionally, GSInnovate Inventory
Edition easily connects to other applications and is pre-integrated
with the world's leading provider of on-demand CRM. Glovia Services'
manufacturing experts provide customers with real people support, and
upgrades to the robust features and functionalities of the inventory
software solution occur seamlessly, with no disruptions to their

   To learn more about GSInnovate Inventory Edition or Glovia
Services, please visit

   About Glovia Services, Inc.

   Glovia Services Inc. is a subsidiary of Glovia International Inc.
and Fujitsu, the world's third largest IT services provider.
GSInnovate on-demand manufacturing solutions are designed specifically
to address key areas to improve overall business operations.
GSInnovate provides customers with quick value, requiring no long-term

   Based on its own experience in manufacturing, Glovia Services
designed GSInnovate for the specific challenges facing manufacturers

   GSInnovate is built for the specific challenges facing
manufacturers today. For more information please visit, or call 310-563-8700 or 877-474-8896 (toll free).

Glovia Services, Inc.
Suzy Watson

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