Data Shows Soft Drink Pricing Highly Variable Throughout Country

Mon Apr 7, 2008 8:23am EDT

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Intellaprice(R) Publishes In-Depth Soft Drink Study to Help
             Restaurant Industry Price Items Competitively
BOSTON--(Business Wire)--
Patrons of casual dining establishments pay $2.26 on average for a
soda, according to research published by Intellaprice(R)
(, a Boston-based pricing intelligence firm. The
differences across the country are quite noteworthy. For example, in
Dallas the standard soda price is $2.10, whereas in New York, it
averages $2.53.

   "It's not surprising to us to find that in New York, a market
recognized as being at the high end of the cost spectrum, we observe
the highest average prices," said Leslie Kerr, President of
Intellaprice. "However there are some interesting unexpected findings
in the study as well." Among these:

   --  Washington, D.C. average soft drink prices are close to the
        national average, despite the fact that D.C. was found to have
        the highest bar beverage prices in an earlier study conducted
        by Intellaprice (available upon request).

   --  Philadelphia also shows soft drink prices close to the
        national average, in line with markets like Minneapolis and
        Grand Rapids.

   Kerr also noted that within a market, the price for a soft drink
can differ by up to $2.00. "In the New York market, for example, a
soda can cost consumers anywhere from $1.99 to $3.99," said Kerr. "If
you want a bargain, don't go out to eat in Times Square."

   The soft drink survey covered over 250 casual dining
establishments from coast to coast. Beverages studied included iced
tea, lemonade and special non-alcoholic drinks like Red Bull and
Lemonade. These studies are difficult for restaurant operators and
beverage companies to conduct on their own. Intellaprice provides this
information so that companies can better understand the pricing
landscape and make decisions based on trends evident in the data.

   Other interesting findings from this study include the following:

   --  Price ranges are narrower in lower cost markets than in higher
        cost markets. In Cleveland, for example, typically at the low
        end, the price varies by just $.60 across the market, compared
        to New York's $2.00 price range.

   --  Soft drink refills are virtually always free as a way for
        restaurants to provide a strong value perception among their

   --  Restaurants promote soft drinks differently, with some
        choosing to feature beverage logos throughout the restaurant
        and on menus, and others opting not to.

   --  Lemon wedges are the most common garnish, and different fruits
        are used in specialty drinks.

   "We recognize that restaurant operators and beverage companies
face the huge challenge of effectively navigating through market
pricing," said Kerr. "We come to their aid by providing a much needed
service with customized data and market analysis that enables them to
make better informed pricing decisions."

   About Intellaprice(R)

   Intellaprice is a full-service pricing intelligence firm serving
the restaurant and beverage industries. Intellaprice publishes The
Intellaprice Report, which is syndicated pricing intelligence on quick
service and casual dining segments. Intellaprice specializes in
pricing, profitability, and marketing analysis, to help organizations
increase sales, grow profit, and reduce competitive intelligence
costs. Intellaprice was founded by restaurant industry veteran Leslie
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