Alchemy Creative, Inc. Teams up with CAT Studios and Motus Digital, LLC To Create...

Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:00am EDT

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Alchemy Creative, Inc. Teams up with CAT Studios and Motus Digital, LLC To Create Children's 3D Educational Televison Series

PLANO, Texas--(Business Wire)--
Alchemy Creative, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: ALMY), a nationally
recognized corporation focusing on children's education through
multimedia and inventive educational products announce the signing of
an agreement that will allow for CAT Studios and Motus Digital to
provide advanced motion capture, key-frame animation, and additional
animation support for the upcoming Adventure of the Elements
children's 3D educational television series. The television series is
based on author and inventor Richard E. James, III of Alchemy
Creative, LLC successful book series and trading card game of the same

   "I have worked with Keith and his great team members in the past
and look forward to working with them to bring Richard's stories to
life," says Trent Di Giulio, series Director, Founder & President, CAT

   About Motus Digital, LLC

   Motus Digital, LLC, a high-end, state-of-the-art Motion Capture
and 3D Animation support studio located in Plano, Texas, is comprised
of veteran team members who have many years of experience in CG,
visual effects and motion capture. Since 1987, Mr. Brock has been
involved with motion graphics, animation, and technology related
development from the Internet to new media. With his experience and
his new company Motus Digital, he has chosen a unique handpicked team
to provided post-production visual effects services to the film,
television and gaming industries. The company's breadth in its team's
experience is fantastic, offering services including model making,
computer-generated imagery, 3D digital animation, optical motion
capture, and custom software and code development. The founding
members of Motus Digital have earned accolades for their contributions
to projects such as "The Abyss," "Godzilla," "Jimmy Neutron,"
"Stargate," "5th Element," and "Titanic," even original team members
from CAT Studios & production on its 20th century FOX studios "Legends
of Sleepy Hollow," and many others.

   "Richard and Trent's passion for the material is inspiring; I am
truly honored they chose our studio to provide the advanced motion
capture and key-frame animation solutions required to create the
series," says B. Keith Brock, President, COO, Motus Digital.

   "The stories contained within the Adventure of the Elements books
provide a great opportunity to really push our VICON MX-F40 MOCAP
system," added Shane Williams, Producer & Creative Director, Motus

   "We are excited that Motus Digital will provide MOCAP and
key-frame animation services for our project," said Richard E. James
III, Vice-President, Alchemy Creative, LLC. "Motus' studio is world
class and we look forward to seeing the quality work that they will
provide to CAT Studios."

   About Motus Digital Founders

   Motus Digital's co-founders, Keith Brock and Howard Blietz, have a
combined 50 years experience in technology and information services

   Mr. Brock is responsible for the strategic direction and
operational leadership of Motus Digital's current position in the
motion capture and animation industry. As a Microsoft Partner Advisory
Council (PAC) member with over 17 years of relationships with
Microsoft and as an early developer of Microsoft's .NET framework and
associated technologies, Mr. Brock was a co-keynote presenter of
application technologies based on .NET C# and Web Services for
Microsoft's introduction of .NET based methodologies in early 2001.
Since then, Mr. Brock has spoken at dozens of Microsoft conferences
across the US.

   Most recently, Mr. Brock served as Vice President and Chief
technologist of Fujitsu Consulting where he was responsible for their
US Microsoft practice. Prior to that, Brock served as Senior Manager
and CTO of Perot Systems' Tenant account, a role in which he oversaw
all architecture, development, and technology implementation of
Perot's second largest account worldwide.

   An avid gamer/developer, Mr. Brock is extremely passionate about
the multiple technologies required to seamlessly integrate film, 3D
models, animation, imagery, visual effects, and optical motion capture
into the entertainment and gaming industries.

   Mr. Blietz founded Greenbrier & Russell, Inc. growing it into a
700 plus employee corporation before being purchased by Fujitsu in
February 2006. Upon reorganization, Howard Blietz lead Fujitsu's US
Microsoft practice.

   About CAT Studios

   A pioneer in the 3D animation production industry, for over 23
years CAT Studios has served over 1,100 clients including such names
as: Pepsi, Frito-lay, Clear Eyes, Halliburton, Cisco Systems, Exxon
Mobil, Motorola, Dallas Cowboys, Aetna, American Heart Association,
Blue Cross Blue Shield, JCPenny, Mary Kay, and Cutler Hammer. CAT
Studios' most notable work includes producing MTV's 1st fully 3D
animated music video and number one hit Souljas, by Master P. CAT
Studios also created the first fully 3D animated movie to come out of
Dallas, "Night of the Headless Horseman, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow."
The movie was sold to Twentieth Century FOX feature studio division.


   Alchemy Creative, Inc. was founded on the principle of edutainment
- enabling learning with the integration of educational media into an
exciting and entertaining format in which science and other curriculum
learning is enhanced through actively engaging students. ALMY is
producing video DVD, and developing online gaming and other media
products for distribution to both the general public and school
systems. Their philosophy and product offerings have rendered
measurable results with children. The value of the media and products
has been recognized by some of the world's most respected
corporations, including several Fortune 100 companies.

   ALMY creates and distributes some of America's most unique
products for the edutainment sector. Currently, ALMY is using the
latest, cutting-edge technology in developing future products such as
DVDs, online video games, and other cutting-edge technologies to
further captivate students. ALMY's goal is to revolutionize the way
the children of the world progress in science learning. The company is
utilizing 21st century technology and methodology in efforts to
provide a more exciting environment in which children will be more apt
to take interest in the traditional education requirements.

   Stated simply, ALMY takes "what kids like," from card games and
books to movies and video games, and makes them educational. Thus,
children of all ages learn while having fun; in a sense, giving
substance to "play time."

   For more information regarding Alchemy Creative, Inc. please



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