Dilbert 2.0: Beyond the Strip

Tue Apr 22, 2008 8:00am EDT

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Scott Adams, Dilbert Creator, Takes a 21st Century Leap And Brings
        Dilbert to the People in an Ultimately Interactive Way

    Mashups, Animated Strips, A New Dilbert.com Website and Widgets
            Will All Be Part of the Broad Virtual Offerings
NEW YORK--(Business Wire)--
Dilbert, the popular working people's comic strip, will soon be
written with the people for the people. Forward thinking cartoonist
and creator, Scott Adams, is launching a new way to interact with,
empower and entertain the Dilbert audience: Cartoon Mashups. Dilbert
readers who have laughed and pinned-up the cartoon in their office
spaces are now able to create their own punch-line to the strips. Soon
they'll even be able to re-write entire Dilbert strips by themselves -
or as a group effort with their friends. This co-authorship is the
latest expansion of Adams' interaction and collaboration with an
audience who already have access to his personal email, read his daily
blog and subscribe to his newsletter, Dogbert's New Ruling Class

   Mashups are just part of the Dilbert 2.0 evolution, which also
includes other interactive offerings such as widgets, strip rankings,
comments, sharable favorite lists, RSS feeds and more. These 2.0
initiatives (and others launching soon) are natural extensions for
Dilbert into the collaborative realms of social media and social
networking, giving users the capability to provide their personal
commentary via the Dilbert strip and instantly send it to friends,
share favorites, personalize social networking pages (i.e. Facebook,
MySpace) with the Dilbert widget, and more.

   Another significant component of Dilbert 2.0 will be the offering
of animated Dilbert strips every weekday. Launching initially on
Dilbert.com, the animation will soon be available on iTunes Podcast,
YouTube, Comcast and more. These animated shorts bring the comic strip
to life and give fans another way to enjoy Dilbert on the internet.

   New interactive features that Dilbert fans can enjoy now or
anticipate in the next several months include:

   --  Mashups - Three different versions:

   Punch line: fans can rewrite the final frame of a daily strip.
Adams creates the setup, the audience provides the punch lines.

   My Dilbert (coming in May): fans will be able to rewrite the
entire strip.

   Group Mash (coming in May): fans will be able to rewrite one
panel, with the ability to share with other users and have them write
the rest. Scott Adams will participate by authoring random frames with
his audience and looking to see whether strips can be developed
successfully by groups.

   --  Animated Strips - Short-form animated versions of existing
        strips released every weekday via Dilbert.com and widgets with
        a future rollout to iTunes Podcast, YouTube, Comcast, and
        more. The animation is produced and distributed by RingTales -
        producers of The New Yorker Animated Cartoons.

   --  Completely New Website - Free access to the entire Dilbert
        strip library since 2001. (Coming this summer- access to the
        entire library since inception.) All strips are in color, and
        fans have the ability to search, rank, comment upon, print,
        save and email strips, as well as create and share multiple
        favorites lists. RSS feeds are also available.

   --  Widgets - Multiple versions enabling Dilbert to reach personal
        pages (iGoogle, Netvibes), Social Networks (Facebook,
        MySpace), Desktops (Vista, Yahoo!), and Blogs (Blogger,
        TypePad) including strip and punch-line varieties, most
        popular (strips, animation, mashups), animation, and more.

   "Millions of people will be writing Dilbert comics and instantly
sharing them. It just got a lot more dangerous to be a boss," Adams

   United Media, the licensing and syndication company behind the
successful comic strip, developed the technology and partnerships
enabling Dilbert to be the first globally recognized comic strip to
offer Mashups, daily animation and interactive widgets, making Scott
Adams the leading interactive cartoonist both off and online.

   "Scott Adams has always encouraged interaction with his audience,
initiating quick and daily exchange via his personal email address and
most recently through his blog," said Rob Fassino, VP/General Manager
Interactive at United Media. "Dilbert Mashups and widgets are the
logical next steps in powering Scott's interactive vision and the
overall enjoyment of Dilbert."

   To learn more about Dilbert Mashups and to view and participate in
all the new Dilbert website offerings, visit www.dilbert.com.


   Dilbert, the United Feature Syndicate comic strip, is the most
photocopied, pinned-up, downloaded, faxed and e-mailed comic strip in
the world. Many readers, particularly those employed at large
corporations, are convinced that Adams works at their companies since
he conveys corporate inanities so perfectly in his comic strip.


   Dilbert is licensed and syndicated by United Media. United Media
(UM) is a worldwide licensing and syndication company that focuses on
building brand equity around a wide range of creative content. United
Media is an E.W. Scripps Company (NYSE: SSP).

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