E-Fuel Unveils World's First Home Ethanol System

Thu May 8, 2008 10:00am EDT

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Technology Expected to Alter Gasoline Dependence, Greatly Reduce
                       Carbon Dioxide Emissions
LOS GATOS, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
The world's first home ethanol system, which allows consumers to
create their own ethanol and pump it directly into their cars, was
unveiled today by the E-Fuel Corporation (www.efuel100.com). The
revolutionary EFuel100 MicroFueler(TM) is the first product that
allows anyone to reduce their dependency on oil, greatly diminish
their carbon footprint and produce fuel for under $1.00 per gallon.

   The MicroFueler is a leading edge product that allows consumers to
create ethanol, simply and safely, with the readily available
ingredients of sugar, yeast and water, and a standard household
110-220 AC power supply. Cars running on sugar-based ethanol produce
85% fewer carbon emissions than gasoline. Businesses, such as
breweries, bars and restaurants can even use discarded alcohol
beverages to create ethanol, for as little as $0.10 per gallon.

   "E-Fuel will have a profound impact on the way we obtain and
consume fuel, not unlike the paradigm shift that occurred in the 80s
from the mainframe computer to the PC," said Tom Quinn, E-Fuel Founder
and CEO. "Just as the PC brought desktop computing to the home, E-Fuel
will bring the filling station to the home. Making local sugar-based
ethanol fuel production possible, E-Fuel can solve the commercial
ethanol transportation and pump station problems while providing
consumers lower cost fuel due to micro efficiencies."

   The portable MicroFueler unit houses the same consumer-friendly
LCD touch screen interface and hose pumping system found at the corner
gas station, so consumers can produce where they consume, eliminating
energy waste and saving dollars. The retractable pumping hose extends
up to 50 feet, eliminating the need to situate the unit directly
beside the household vehicle.

   With its breakthrough membrane technology, E-Fuel has made an
industrial process possible on a much smaller scale, and without
dangerous combustion processes. Additionally, the MicroFueler has
achieved an 80% power improvement over commercial ethanol
manufacturers, thus raising the bar of the renewable fuel standard for
carbon reduction.

   "Henry Ford started the automobile revolution using ethanol,
predicting that this renewable and accessible fuel it would become the
'fuel of the future,'" said Mr. Quinn. "If not for the Prohibition
laws in the 1920s and the subsequent rise of the oil industry, ethanol
may never have lost its public appeal. E-Fuel will deliver on Ford's
prediction, and enable consumers to bypass the costly oil
infrastructure and their reliance on fossil fuels," said Mr. Quinn.

   MicroFueler Availability

   E-Fuel is now accepting orders for the MicroFueler at
www.efuel100.com, and first shipments will begin in the fourth quarter
of 2008. The EFuel100 MicroFueler is available in the United States at
$9,995.00, and all initial orders require a deposit. The MicroFueler
will also be distributed to China and Brazil. For U.S. buyers there
are several local and national rebates available, and more
importantly, E-Fuel will be introducing a Carbon Credit Program to
offset costs and assist in reducing carbon emissions. Consumers and
interested resellers can also attend E-Fuel sponsored workshops to
learn more about the MicroFueler operation. Complete details on
pricing, availability, the E-Fuel Carbon Credit Program and local
workshops can be found at www.efuel100.com.

   About E-Fuel

   The E-Fuel Corporation was founded in March 2007 by Tom Quinn and
ethanol scientist Floyd Butterfield to create efficient micro ethanol
refinery products for people who want to break their dependency on
oil. As chairman of E-Fuel, a privately held company, Quinn has solely
funded the company and is instrumental in both corporate leadership
and product development.

   With more than 30 people employed in Los Gatos and Paso Robles,
California and China, the employees of E-Fuel represent some of the
top United States ethanol researchers and proven Silicon Valley
professionals who draw upon diverse expertise in the ethanol,
electronics, automotive and software industries.

   E-Fuel creates ethanol micro refinery products that conform to
U.S. safety and durability standards and include modern safety
features. E-Fuel products are available for purchase online and
through a network of worldwide resellers. For more information, visit

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