Website Pros Releases NetObjects Fusion 11

Wed Jun 4, 2008 8:32am EDT

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 4, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Website Pros, Inc.
(Nasdaq:WSPI), today unveiled NetObjects Fusion 11, a significantly enhanced
version of the groundbreaking website design application that has earned
critical praise and worldwide recognition as one of the fastest, easiest ways to
build, manage and update websites since its introduction in 1996. NetObjects
Fusion 11 unites its legendary ease of use with powerful new capabilities that
empower designers and developers of all skill levels to quickly and easily
create dynamic, standards-based websites and web based applications. Since its
inception, NetObjects' technology has supported the creation of well over 10
million websites globally.

"NetObjects Fusion 11 is a powerful Web application development tool that
appeals to both novice and experienced designers and developers," said David
Brown, Chairman and CEO of Website Pros. "The advanced functionality introduced
in this version provides powerful new tools that will impress even the most
advanced web developer, while maintaining the ease of use required for a
beginner to establish their first website. NetObjects Fusion 11 customers also
have special access to Website Pros' complete suite of Web and marketing
services, including search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and
lead generation, that when utilized in tandem with their website, creates a true
online presence capable of driving significant measurable results."

In addition to the intuitive "drag and drop" functionality that makes NetObjects
Fusion 11 a fast, easy way to plan, build and manage websites, along with its
standard e-Commerce capabilities , NetObjects Fusion 11 includes more advanced
functionality for those looking for more technical development options

 -- Semantic XHTML

The robust code generation engine of NetObjects Fusion 11 has been completely
reengineered to support the generation of Semantic XHTML code, allowing a
tighter utilization of CSS that produces leaner code making it more accessible
and search engine friendly.

 -- XML Data Integration

Users can easily integrate data into web pages from any local or remote XML data
source, such as an RSS feed. NetObjects Fusion 11 automatically identifies the
XML structure allowing drag & drop insertion of data fields directly into the
page design.

 -- AJAX User Interface Components

Featuring a robust collection of AJAX Widgets, NetObjects Fusion 11 eliminates
the complexity of designing Web 2.0 pages with dynamic user interactions by
making it easy to quickly add customizable page elements, such as accordions,
tabbed panels and toggle panes to make dynamic web pages that provide a richer,
more interactive experience for website visitors.

 -- Timeline Editor

Sophisticated animation of any website content, such as video, text, images and
graphics, can now be easily created from within the familiar drag & drop editing
environment of NetObjects Fusion without coding or the purchase of additional

 -- Database Integration

The database functionality implemented in NetObjects Fusion 11 fully supports
the creation of data-driven, highly interactive websites turning NetObjects
Fusion 11 into a Web Application Development System with broad appeal to
enterprise web developers. NetObjects Fusion 11 now supports all commercially
relevant databases, web servers and server-and-client side technologies and
ships with support for PHP.

 -- Integrated Development Environment

The advanced user interface of NetObjects Fusion 11 is designed to support a
vast array of web development technologies (HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript,
AJAX, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and JSP). Novice users enjoy the WYSIWYG,
drag and drop, wizard-driven design environment while more advanced users will
appreciate the built-in coding environment and advanced HTML object and CSS

 -- Component Framework

NetObjects Fusion 11 provides a suite of components that easily add advanced
functionality to any website design. Flash Photo Galleries, Flash Calendars,
Flash Web Charts, Password Protection, Guestbook, Google Analytics, SiteMaps and
many other components are pre-built and easily integrated into any website.

For more information and to purchase and download NetObjects Fusion 11, visit Upgrades for existing customers are available for $109.95
with full version pricing at $199.95.

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Website Pros, Inc. (Nasdaq:WSPI) is a leading provider of Do-It-For-Me and
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