Mexico's First Internationally Accredited Hospital Partners with Sekure Healthcare...

Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:41pm EDT

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Mexico's First Internationally Accredited Hospital Partners with Sekure Healthcare and IntelHealthGroup

   --  Sekure Healthcare Members Can Utilize Their Insurance Benefits
        at CHRISTUS Muguerza Alta Especialidad Hospital in Monterrey -
        Mexico's First Hospital Accredited by Joint Commission

   --  Accords with IntelHealthGroup Facilitates Quality Medical
        Access into Mexico
SAN DIEGO--(Business Wire)--
Responding to the growing US consumer demand for safe and
affordable healthcare in Mexico, Sekure Healthcare announced an
innovative agreement with CHRISTUS Muguerza and IntelHealthGroup. The
agreement allows Sekure Healthcare Members to utilize their insurance
benefits at CHRISTUS Muguerza Alta Especialidad Hospital in Monterrey
- Mexico's first hospital accredited by the Joint Commission
International (
Additionally, IntelHealthGroup, which facilitates access to quality
medical facilities in Mexico, will provide its services to Sekure
Healthcare Members and to those wishing to travel to Mexico for their
health care needs. By joining forces, these three organizations are
providing health care options previously lacking in the market.

   The CHRISTUS Muguerza Alta Especialidad Hospital is located in
Mexico's third largest city, Monterrey. "Our philosophy for patient
care and commitment to quality assurance has been demonstrated by the
Joint Commission International accreditation," said Arturo
Garza-Bueron, CEO of Grupo CHRISTUS MUGUERZA. Garza-Bueron adds, "We
are now focusing on building alliances to increase our visibility as a
quality health care provider for consumers in Mexico as well as in the
United States." CHRISTUS Muguerza is affiliated with CHRISTUS Health,
a US healthcare system based in Dallas, Texas with 40 hospitals,
inpatient facilities and dozens of clinics in more than 70 cities in
North America.

   Sekure Healthcare is focused on delivering cost effective
solutions to US employers who cannot afford traditional major medical
insurance. "We have been at the forefront of developing affordable
coverage using limited benefits insurance, which also allows
beneficiaries to access their benefits in the US as well as throughout
the interior of Mexico. The agreement with CHRISTUS Muguerza and
IntelHealthGroup opens the door for a new stage of consumer choice and
quality assurance," said Jim Arriola, CEO of Sekure Healthcare. "74
percent of our members are Spanish-speakers. To better serve the
Latino segment of our membership, we have expanded our California
network of community clinics and also grown our cross-border network
to include providers in more than 400 cities and towns throughout
Mexico. Adding CHRISTUS Muguerza Alta Especialidad Hospital to our
network coupled with the support of IntelHealthGroup gives our members
the quality assurance in Mexico they are looking for," adds Arriola.

   IntelHealthGroup, a leading healthcare consulting and medical
travel company, guides its clients to quality healthcare institutions
in Mexico. "We provide personalized assistance to our client/patients
throughout the process including their stay in Mexico," says CEO Dr.
Jaime Zozaya. He adds, "Our trained staff, which includes medical
professionals, personally guide each customer every step of the way to
ensure they feel at home while they get the medical attention they

   The Sekure Healthcare, CHRISTUS Muguerza and IntelHealthGroup
Accords also benefit English speaking consumers who are considering
traveling to Mexico for medical care. "These types of alliances may
have more Americans contemplating medical travel to Mexico," says Dr.
Enrique Ruelas, Surgeon General of Mexico. "If medical savings are
significant and consumers are assured of demonstrated quality combined
with ease of process, then more US consumers will view Mexico as a
viable alternative."

   About Sekure Healthcare:

   Sekure Healthcare is a California-based company that provides
affordable health coverage to U.S. employers with special emphasis on
Latino and part-time workers who cannot afford or are ineligible for
health insurance. For more information visit the company Web site at


   Grupo CHRISTUS MUGUERZA, part of the U.S.-based CHRISTUS Health
system, is one of the most world-renowned private medical institutions
in Mexico. A socially responsible firm recognized by its Catholic
affiliation, it holds six hospitals in northern Mexico, including
CHRISTUS Muguerza Alta Especialidad, the first hospital in the country
accredited by Joint Commission International. In addition to serving
its local community, CHRISTUS Muguerza provides treatment to
international patients traveling to receive the highest quality health
care at an affordable cost. With the advantages that come with its
affiliation with a U.S.-based hospital system, investment in
state-of-the-art facilities and technology, and the warmth and
expertise of world class physicians and medical staff, CHRISTUS
Muguerza is uniquely positioned to be the provider of choice to meet a
variety of health care needs.

   About IntelHealthGroup:

   IntelHealthGroup is a leading healthcare consulting and medical
travel company based in Monterrey, Mexico. The Company, through its
IntelHealthTourism division, facilitates medical travel services to
Mexico's best hospitals for international patients seeking
high-quality healthcare at affordable rates. For more information
visit the company Web site at

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