Hydra Launches Elite ''Network Within a Network'' Bringing Full Transparency to CPA

Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:00am EDT

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
Hydra Network, the largest performance-based online advertising
network specializing exclusively in cost-per-acquisition (CPA), today
announced the launch of an exclusive, fully transparent network. Named
Hydra Elite, it comprises a select group of Hydra Network's
largest-volume publishers, each of which has been verified to meet
exemplary professional standards. As the first-ever CPA network
program offering 100 percent transparency across all major online
channels, Hydra Elite promises to meet brand name advertisers' demands
for accountability with complete control.

   Delivering fully transparent access to a combined online audience
of half a billion consumers, Hydra Elite includes top Hydra publishers
in Web banners, email and search. Membership in Hydra Elite is by
invitation only, and requires that publishers voluntarily submit to
thorough review of their business practices, privacy and compliance
policies, and traffic quality. Through this process, Hydra Elite
provides assurance that participating publishers meet the highest
standards of consumer and brand protection.

   Currently numbering two dozen, inaugural participating Hydra Elite
publishers for Web banner include Friendster.com and Entrepreneur.com;
for email, MyPoints.com and Bloosky Interactive Media; and for search,
NoLimit Solutions and Digital Moses.

   With Hydra Elite, blue chip advertisers can now take advantage of
the cost control and predictable ROI of running on a performance-based
CPA online ad network, without sacrificing control over where and how
their brand appears. Providing advertisers with full transparency both
before and after their campaigns are placed, Hydra Elite allows for
full power and accountability in uncharted Web territories.
Advertisers can know where ads will run before they run, ensure that
consumer privacy is protected, and track results by publisher to
assure traffic quality.

   "Paying only for results is an attractive concept for big brands,
particularly given the current economy," said Zac Brandenberg, CEO of
Hydra. "Hydra has captured a lot of attention, and now with Hydra
Elite, we're able to offer the economics of running CPA with all the
control of buying CPM."

   Hydra Elite also has proven attractive to publishers. Those who
can meet the high traffic quality and business standards can gain
unique access to CPA campaigns from leading brand names. "The fact
that the campaigns will be from well-known brands and not widely
available online, means higher response rates for publishers," said
Hydra COO Jason Walker. "Though membership in Hydra Elite is highly
limited, ninety-seven percent of the Hydra publishers we recently
surveyed indicated they wanted to participate."

   "We are committed to transparency and are proud to have been
selected as one of the first members of Hydra Elite," said Michael
Yormark, National Sales Executive at MyPoints.com. "We look forward to
working with Hydra to maximize both conversions and brand security for
our advertisers."

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   About Hydra

   Hydra Network (Hydra) is the largest performance-based online
advertising network that specializes exclusively in
cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Since 2003, Hydra has distributed targeted
campaigns on behalf of online advertisers through its network of Web
display, search, subscriber email, and contextual publishers. Because
Hydra Network's model is entirely based on driving increased
transactions -- not merely traffic -- the interests of affiliated
publishers and advertisers are in perfect sync.

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