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Thu Jul 3, 2008 8:30am EDT

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SourceForge, Inc. (NASDAQ: LNUX), the leader in community-driven content
and media, today announced the finalists of its third annual Community Choice Awards. The Community Choice Awards
allow the open source community to recognize its most innovative projects
through an open nomination and voting process. This year, projects
outside of are eligible to win, ensuring that the voice
of the community is heard broadly and without limitation.

    During the month-long nomination phase, the community chose finalists in
each category. The voting phase, which is open until July 18, 2008, will
determine each category's final winning project. Winners will be announced
on July 24, 2008 at the awards party hosted by SourceForge at the Jupiter
Hotel in downtown Portland, OR.

    "Open source is built on a spirit of collaboration, so it makes sense that
we honor our best and brightest through collaborative choice," said Ross
Turk, Community Manager. "The community has nominated more
projects this year than ever before, and our list of finalists is diverse
enough to ensure some pretty close races. I think every vote is going to

    The projects with enough nominations to become finalists are:

--  Best Project: Drupal, Firebird, FreeMind, KeePass Password Safe,,, Sphinx, XAMPP, XBMC media center, XOOPS
    Dynamic Web CMS
--  Best Project for the Enterprise: Drupal, Elastix, Firebird,
    LimeSurvey, Magneto,,, Sphinx, Zenoss Core,
    ZK - Simply Ajax and Mobile
--  Best Project for Educators: Claroline, Drupal, FreeMind, GeoGebra,
    Moodle,,, Stellarium, VMukti, XAMPP,
--  Most Likely to Be the Next $1B Acquisition: Amanda Network Backup,
    Azureus, Firebird, Megneto, phpMyAdmin,, Sphinx, Talend
    Open Studio, Zenoss Core, XBMC media center, ZK - Simply Ajax and Mobile
--  Best Project for Multimedia: Amarok, Audacity, Inkscape, Irrlicht
    Engine, MediaCoder, MediaInfo,, SMPlayer, VLC, XBMC media
--  Best Project for Gamers: AssaultCube, Crystal Space CD SDK, Irrlicht
    Engine, The Mana World, Mumble, Nexuiz, ScrummVM, OGRE, UFO:Alien Invasion,
    the Ur-Quan Masters, XBMC media center
--  Most Likely to Change the World: Drupal, eyeOS, Firefox, Launchy,
    Linux, Magento,,, ReactOS, Ubuntu, XBMC
    media center
--  Best New Project: FluxBB, Habari, ImpressCMS, Jensor Java Profiler,
    Magneto, Millennium BSA, MPower, phpMinAdmin, Tine20, Untangle Gateway
    Platform, WANem
--  Most Likely to Be Accused of Patent Violation: 7-Zip, eMule, Mono,
    Moodle,,, ReactOS, ScummVM, devkitPro,
    Pidgin, Wine is Not an Emulator
--  Most Likely to Get Users Sued: Azureus, DC++, devkitPro, eMule,
    KeePass Password Safe, Launchy,, ReactOS, Shareaza, XBMC
    media center
--  Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins: 7-Zip, Amanda Network Backup,
    FileZilla, FREESCO router, ISP Control Panel, KeePass Password Safe,
    phpMyAdmin,, WinSCP, Zenoss Core
--  Best Tool or Utility for Developers: Code::Blocks, devkitPro, Krupal,
    FireZilla, Notepad++, phpMyAdmin,, WinMerge, XAMPP, ZK -
    Simply Ajax and Mobile

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