Gproxy Design Hits New Milestone: 250 Custom Tailored NetSuite E-Commerce Stores

Tue Jul 22, 2008 8:00am EDT

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MIAMI--(Business Wire)--
Gproxy Design, Inc., a leading service provider of quality web
design, custom built applications and e-commerce consulting, today
announced that during the fifth year of its successful business
relationship with NetSuite Inc., it has created over 250 custom
tailored NetSuite-powered E-commerce stores. Gproxy Design has become
well known for managing unique, technical requests associated with
NetSuite customers' e-commerce businesses and their specific industry
verticals. For examples of Gproxy Design's tailored e-commerce work,

   Gproxy Design is unique because it interprets the desires of its
clients' targeted shoppers and transforms that into user-friendly,
ROI-oriented and quality-designed e-commerce sites. Well recognized in
the virtual world, Gproxy has emerged from simply a web design company
into a total e-commerce solution provider. With more than 250
e-commerce stores under its belt - tailored with designers' craft
work, developers' integration knowledge, high-end maintenance service,
and Gproxy Design's reliability - have positioned the company as a key
NetSuite partner for E-commerce.

   "We are proud of what we've done, but we don't plan to stop here -
we are aiming for another 250 e-commerce sites," said Gproxy Design's
Sales Manager Mr. Gerardo Pico. "We expect that our high number of
satisfied customers will only keep on growing."

   In addition, today Gproxy Design announced its "Custom E-Commerce
Store 2008 For NetSuite," its newest e-commerce solution product.
Designed for NetSuite start up clients, the new product will be sold
at a promotional price of $5,000. This product is aimed at small
businesses looking for a quick, professional, quality-looking website,
but who may not have the budget for a hand-tailored website. With this
newest solution, Gproxy Design lets clients choose from pre-defined
layouts and design within these layouts to take advantage of
NetSuite's E-commerce functionality.

   Gproxy Design's success is based on three key points:

   --  Reliability - Over 250 NetSuite-powered E-commerce sites
        demonstrate that Gproxy is among the most reliable E-commerce
        solution providers for the NetSuite platform. Its staff of
        designers, programmers, project managers, consultants and
        sales team are trained on the NetSuite platform and hold
        extensive experience in the industry for the award-winning
        NetSuite E-commerce solution. Gproxy Design works directly
        with NetSuite's top engineers, managers and E-commerce experts
        to transfer its knowledge into its clients' hands.

   --  Experience - Gproxy Design's staff of 25 professionals, in
        addition to its five years of growth with the NetSuite
        E-commerce platform, gives them the experience behind more
        than 250 NetSuite custom E-commerce sites. These sites
        encompass the whole range of customer budgets, necessities,
        trends and functionalities. This gives clients a web store
        according to their requirements while planning for the future.
        Gproxy Design experts continue to develop high-usability and
        search-friendly websites.

   --  Quality - Gproxy Design's staff affirms that its work has the
        dedication, quality and professionalism that clients deserve.
        Obtaining the highest quality product with the uniqueness of
        including rich media, trendy functionalities, top designs,
        SEO-friendly pages, complete integration with NetSuite, and
        high-usability standards is a top priority. Knowing that its
        biggest asset is the client, Gproxy Design's staff, starting
        from sales and ending in their maintenance department, are
        trained in quality customer support.

   Gproxy Design keeps processes simple and knows that communication
is the key. At Gproxy Design, work is structured and disciplined in
order to meet and exceed the client's expectations by the application
of four simple steps: 1) Strategy Development - which defines a
solution to every specific case. 2) Interpretation of clients needs -
to establish a unique creative direction. 3) Implementation into
NetSuite of production and developments - in order to deliver the
solution. 4) Plan ahead for the next round of solutions - based on the
evolving needs of the client and its customers.

   "Gproxy Design commits to an end-to-end project implementation to
satisfy each customer's unique requirements," said Gproxy Design CEO
Mr. Mario Colla. "Our commitment is to provide hard-working
professionals focused on achieving complete success of a client's web
site project. In addition, we are committed to post-implementation
support of each client's project and staff those efforts with
experienced maintenance staff. We can proudly say that their knowledge
of design and programming enables them to maintain over 250 e-commerce
sites from different points of the globe. At Gproxy Design clients are
never forgotten and continuously kept up-to-date on new features,
products and services that Gproxy Design and NetSuite have to offer.
These past four years are just the beginning to what Gproxy Design
believes to be a lasting, strong, reliant partnership with NetSuite.
So let there be more successful years to come."

   About Gproxy Design

   Gproxy Design Inc. ( is a Miami-based
business and service provider of top notch quality Web design,
E-Commerce functionalities as custom-built applications and E-commerce
solutions for businesses around the globe. Gproxy Design is a customer
and service oriented business that looks forward to creating long
lasting relationships with customers. Gproxy Design specializes in
NetSuite web design, programming, maintenance and consulting -
offering NetSuite users the opportunity to have a fully customized and
professional looking website.

Gproxy Design, Inc., Miami
Gerardo Pico, 1-800-814-4761

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