Ounce 6 Offers Industry's Fastest and Easiest Navigation of Source Code

Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:14am EDT

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Ounce Labs' Partners With Industry-Leading Code Editor SlickEdit(R); Allows
Customers To Quickly Identify Vulnerabilities and Navigate to Source Code
Security Risks

WALTHAM, Mass., July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Ounce Labs(TM), the leader in
enterprise security source code analysis, today announced that the company is
the first code analysis vendor to integrate SlickEdit Plug-in v3.2 for Eclipse
into its advanced security source code analysis solution. As part of Ounce 6,
the latest version of the company's flagship product, SlickEdit is integrated
with Ounce Security Analyst.
    Ounce has partnered with SlickEdit to make identifying and eliminating
vulnerabilities faster and more efficient for the security analyst. Powered by
Ounce's open architecture, the integration with SlickEdit extends across a
wide variety of languages, incorporating the fastest, flexible and most
powerful editing capabilities as well as easier navigation of source code.
Organizations can choose to augment their Ounce Security Analyst client with
the SlickEdit plug-in for analysis and navigation tools to achieve more
prioritized, actionable vulnerability findings and quickly navigate to the
confirmed vulnerable lines of code.
    "The integration with Ounce Labs Security Analyst enables users to focus
on identifying and eliminating critical vulnerabilities fast," said Scott
Westfall, Vice President of Software Development, SlickEdit. "Ounce Labs
matches our commitment in providing the best interactive work environment so
application security professionals can most efficiently navigate source code
to address security risks before deployment."
    Advanced code navigation includes the ability to view and jump to a
definition, view and jump to references, and set unlimited bookmarks. Powerful
searching with multi-file search and replace, regular expression searches, and
syntax driven searches (e.g. searching only in strings and excluding comments)
allow a user to quickly locate program text. With SlickEdit, Ounce Labs can
provide customers a wide range of features for analyzing and reviewing the
code to make it easier to quickly pinpoint and navigate to vulnerable areas in
the software.
    "Our integration with the SlickEdit environment furthers Ounce's ability
to empower instant action on the most critical vulnerabilities," said Claudia
Dent, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Ounce Labs. "Ounce's
open architecture enables us to provide our customers SlickEdit's efficient
and intuitive work environment across a wide variety of programming
    About SlickEdit Inc.
    SlickEdit Inc. provides software developers with multi-language
development tools and the most advanced code editors available. Power
programmers, from Fortune 500 companies to individuals, have chosen SlickEdit
as their development tool of choice for over 20 years. Proven on Windows,
Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X platforms, SlickEdit products enable even the most
accomplished developers to write more code faster, and more accurately. For
more information about SlickEdit and free trial downloads, please visit
    About Ounce Labs, Inc.
    Ounce Labs' industry-leading enterprise security source code analysis
solutions enable organizations to analyze their applications to identify,
prioritize and eliminate software security vulnerabilities. Ounce delivers the
enterprise-scale features that empower analysis across a wide portfolio of
applications, with patented code analysis technology pinpointing confirmed
vulnerabilities at the line of code. Only Ounce features the automated
workflow and open architecture that enterprises demand, helping organizations
such as EDS, IBM, Intel, Lockheed Martin, MFS, the U.S. Government
Accountability Office, Unisys and VeriSign, to strengthen application security
through their existing development and security processes, and protect
confidential information enterprise-wide. Ounce also helps organizations to
verify compliance with internal policies and industry mandates including PCI
DSS, FISMA, HIPAA and others. For more information, please visit
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