OmniLytics Announces USDA/FSIS Allowance of Bacteriophage Treatment of Salmonella...

Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:04am EDT

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OmniLytics Announces USDA/FSIS Allowance of Bacteriophage Treatment of Salmonella on Poultry

SALT LAKE CITY--(Business Wire)--
OmniLytics, Inc. today announced the issuance of a no objection
letter from the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) for
use of Salmonella targeted bacteriophages from OmniLytics, Inc.
applied to poultry. This poultry application will be jointly pursued
in connection with OmniLytics collaboration with Elanco, the animal
health division of Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY).

   The bacteriophage products will be used to reduce the level of
Salmonella contamination on the feathers of live poultry before
processing. Reducing the amount of Salmonella coming into the
processing facility will not only help existing interventions to
operate more effectively but also could help reduce the contamination
that can find its way to the grocery store and ultimately to the

   "Salmonella contamination in the processing of poultry products
continues to raise grave concerns for industry, consumers and
regulatory agencies alike," said Justin Reber, president and CEO of
OmniLytics. "The USDA's allowance of our bacteriophage technology is a
huge step toward the creation of a safe, natural product that's
specifically targeted to reduce Salmonella."

   The FSIS letter is an important milestone on the road toward
development of a commercial product for poultry producers. A
description of the letter can be found on the FSIS website at the
following link:

   Bacteriophages, ubiquitous in nature, kill individual strains and
species of bacteria. The specificity of bacteriophages allows
targeting of harmful bacteria without compromising the viability of
other beneficial microflora or fauna. Identified in 1917,
bacteriophages or "bacteria eaters" are environmentally friendly,
biodegradable, and have no effect on non-target organisms, plants,
animals or humans.

   About OmniLytics, Inc.

   OmniLytics is a bacteriophage company focused on developing safe,
natural solutions for infectious disease control. With emphasis on
bacteriophage technology, OmniLytics is pioneering research and
development of bacteriophage solutions for pathogen control in the
agricultural, food & water, industrial, pharmaceutical, and defense
markets. For more information about OmniLytics, visit

OmniLytics, Inc.
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