www.mygazines.com Launches Free Magazine Portal!

Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:40pm EDT

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    www.mygazines.com ("mygazines") officially launched the world's largest
digital magazine site. mygazines is the world's first FREE website which
enables its community of users to read the latest magazines.

    The mygazines concept is simple, essentially it allows its members to
share magazines in the same manner a doctors' office, law firm,
libraries, and hair salons would with their clients every day. mygazines
allows users to read, archive and upload content for everyone to read and
share within the online magazine community.

    This is not a new phenomenon in fact it is so common that publishers
themselves promote their estimates of this "sharing" to potential
advertisers. Mygazines levels the playing field in the industry, by
allowing both large and small publishing houses equal access to potential

    mygazines was created for a myriad of reasons, including but not limited

    - Low Carbon Footprint. With 70% of newsstand magazines going unsold, our
goal is to eliminate the waste.(save the trees!)

    - No unnecessary content. Allows users to access only the information
that is of interest to them, without having to pay for unwanted content.

    - Efficiency. Reduces the need to physically carry and archive content.

    - Universal. Allows foreign content to be available from anywhere to

    - Monopoly. Eliminates the effects of conglomerates merging and
controlling consumers' choice and distribution, within almost every
region worldwide.

    Mygazines has created a community that allows users to fully access and
share all material, from all sources across the world. Some of the key
benefits of mygazines are:

    - Ability to create your own custom magazine (mygazines) from various
articles in different magazines, and share them with other users.

    - Allows for ALL published material to be uploaded and viewed

    - Receive notifications, setup by member, to receive articles of interest
for various topics and at times convenient for the user. (Health/Medical
topics, finance,etc)

    Stored in digital format, the shelf life of any magazine is increased
infinitely. Business professionals, students and people alike will
appreciate the ability to quickly reference important information (search
article content), no matter how current, and share it inside
www.mygazines.com with whomever they wish, instantly.

    mygazines is vigilant in providing the absolute best experience for the
members and will be making many more positive enhancements in the very
near future. The mygazines platform was designed for growth, and the
possibilities are endless.

    To all the artists who provide such amazing content, and the publishers
who supply the media, mygazines wishes to thank you and to clarify:
www.mygazines.com has full intentions to work with the industry, with the
aim of fortifying the future of all those either directly or indirectly
supported by the production, sales and distribution of magazines.

    mygazines appreciates your support and patience while we test our model.


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