Discovery Channel Partners with Interpolls to Promote Upcoming Season of "MythBusters"

Wed Aug 6, 2008 7:58am EDT

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Fans Can Try Their Hand Debunking Myths as Part of Rich Media Ad
                Series That Makes It Fun to Get Busted
PASADENA, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
Interpolls, a leading rich-media and next-generation advertising
technology company, announced today that it is partnering with
Discovery Channel to promote the network's upcoming season of
"MythBusters" on a variety of popular websites, using Interpolls'
proprietary Rich Media Widgets and question-based ad units.

   The ad units will employ polling functionality to engage users and
encourage interactivity by asking questions centered on the show's
premise - asking site visitors whether certain myths are "confirmed"
or "busted." As users respond to the questions, they will prompt a
result panel that houses further features and brand exposure elements
including a Rich Media Widget that can be "grabbed" directly from the
ad units and "placed" on a personal or social site. The widget also
can be "shared" virally with friends, encouraging true brand

   "Interpolls did a great job executing on our vision, and we're
excited to engage current fans and turn on new ones with the
campaign," said Brett Gaba, interactive traffic manager, Discovery
Creative Resources.

   The Interpolls system will optimize the questions based on user
interactivity, enabling the top performing questions to be rotated at
a higher frequency and ensuring the best creative is reflected
throughout the entire life of the campaign. As users answer questions
and access the result panel, they will be presented with a video
teaser featuring the show's hosts, a tune-in date and time showcasing
the next "MythBusters" episode, and an episode guide. They will also
receive the option to add a calendar reminder to their desktop.

   The "MythBusters" Rich Media Widget will also appear as part of
the result panel, employing features such as a "MythBusters" trailer,
an option to click and watch a Blow-Up Mash-Up video within the
widget, and the option to click over to the "MythBusters" official
site to view additional videos and content. Users can also submit a
myth to bust, take a Myth Quiz or download a "MythBusters" ringtone.

   "The 'MythBusters' premise of separating truth from urban legend
lends itself to engaging users online and putting them to the test in
a way that is both fun and entertaining," said Peter Kim, CEO,
Interpolls. "These are the traits that comprise many successful rich
media campaigns and it was just a matter of seeing how creative we
could get with the initiative. We look forward to a successful
campaign and additional opportunities to help showcase Discovery
Channel programming in the future."

   The "MythBusters" ad units will run live from July 31 to August 6
on popular sites including Comedy Central, Wired, The Onion, TV Guide,
Popular Mechanics and many others. The viral nature of Interpolls Rich
Media Widgets will enable users to place them on their personal sites
and share them with friends, extending the life of the campaign once
the media portion concludes.

   About Interpolls

   Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Pasadena, California,
Interpolls is a pioneer and a leading rich-media and next-generation
advertising technology company. Interpolls provides full-service,
rich-media advertising, widgets, sweepstakes, contests, and emerging
media solutions, which can be integrated into its
proprietary ad-serving platform to maximize reach, awareness, and
results. Interpolls is a privately-held, venture-backed California
corporation focused on technology innovation and development for
interactive marketing and media. For more information, please visit

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