Talend Announces Open Source Data Quality Product

Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:00am EDT

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Talend Data Quality is First to Combine Data Integration, Data
          Profiling and Data Quality in an Open Source Suite
SAN DIEGO--(Business Wire)--
Talend today announced Talend Data Quality, the first product to
combine data integration, data profiling and data quality in an open
source suite.

   Talend Data Quality identifies "dirty data" such as nicknames,
duplicated records and shortened street addresses and corrects them
using reference data from providers such as the U.S. Postal Service.
Talend Data Quality even allows companies to distinguish
hard-to-discern nicknames such as "Peggy," "Peg," "Marge" and "Meg" -
all short for "Margaret." In the past, such inconsistent data would
have produced lost or multiple mailings that annoyed customers,
spoiled sales leads and sapped worker productivity.

   "With today's interconnected information systems, bad data spreads
the same way viruses are spread by travelers," said Bertrand Diard,
CEO and co-founder of Talend. "Companies in every industry know too
well the costs of poor-quality data including lost sales, wasted
employee hours, unnecessary mailing costs and damaged reputations.
Talend Data Quality 'cleanses' dirty data until it's accurate,
complete and consistent so companies can regain control of one of
their most valuable assets - their data."

   Talend Data Quality allows companies to confirm addresses, phone
numbers, spellings and abbreviations against millions of other records
including the U.S. Postal Service and mailing databases in many other
countries. It could easily determine, for example, that "William Smith
at 15 Main Street" and "Billy Smith at 15 Main Str." are the same
person, saving multiple mailings to the same address.

   "Incorrect data leads to incorrect decisions. That's why
high-quality data is crucial to any business," said Mark Madsen,
president of Third Nature, a technology research firm. "Proper
management of data quality is even more critical in the context of
application interoperability. Because open source considerably lowers
the barriers of entry, many organizations will be able to reap the

   Talend Data Quality's key features include:

   --  Data profiling: Provides snapshots and history of your
        company's data quality so you can measure improvements or
        degradation of the data over time.

   --  Data identification: Identifies poor-quality and good-quality
        data on a record-by-record basis.

   --  Data cleansing: "Cleans" incorrect, incomplete or inconsistent
        data by cross-checking against other databases and reference

   --  Data enrichment: Enriches data with information such as
        latitude and longitude, census data, credit scores and other
        details that make it more valuable - for example by enabling
        mailings to targeted income groups or consolidating delivery
        routes among nearby addresses.

   The announcement of Talend Data Quality comes two months after the
introduction of Talend Open Profiler, the first open source data
profiler, further underscoring Talend's pioneering role in open source
data integration and data quality.

   Talend Data Quality will be available in September 2008 as a
standalone product or as an added feature to Talend Integration Suite.

   About Talend

   Talend is the first provider of open source data integration
software. After three years of intense research and development and
with solid financial backing from leading investment firms, Talend
revolutionized the world of data integration when it released the
first version of Talend Open Studio in 2006. Talend's solutions are
used primarily for migration and integration between operational
systems, as well as for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) for Business
Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Unlike proprietary, closed
solutions that only the largest organizations can afford, Talend makes
enterprise-class data integration solutions affordable to
organizations of all sizes. To download Talend Open Studio free of
charge, visit www.talend.com

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