OpenLink Bolsters Semantic Web Vision via Virtuoso (Cloud Edition) for Amazon EC2

Tue Dec 9, 2008 8:00am EST

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OpenLink Bolsters Semantic Web Vision via Virtuoso (Cloud Edition) for Amazon

Latest Release of OpenLink Virtuoso delivers Hybrid Server for SQL, RDF, and
Web Services

BURLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenLink Software announces
immediate availability of the Cloud Edition of Virtuoso, its
industry-acclaimed Universal Server: an integrated, standards-compliant server
platform that includes a built-in SQL RDBMS, RDF DBMS (Quad Store), Content
Management Server, and Web Application Server, amongst other features.

"The Web's potential as a globally distributed information space that plugs
into disparate databases has never been in question. What has remained
unclear, is how a federated Web of linked databases would be delivered in a
manner consistent with the Web's core architecture, without compromising its
simplicity," said Kingsley Idehen, Founder & CEO of OpenLink Software.
"Enterprises and individual Web users currently struggle with data
portability, accessibility, and privacy challenges, arising from exponentially
growing data across disparate data sources. The Cloud Edition of Virtuoso
delivers a powerful but easy to use solution," he added.

The new product release leverages the solution packaging and deployment
prowess of the Amazon EC2 cloud-computing platform by delivering a
pre-configured and tightly tuned edition of Virtuoso on a Fedora Linux-based
Amazon Machine Image (AMI), ready for immediate use (post initialization).

Integration & Lookup Hub for a Federated Web of Linked Data Spaces

All editions of Virtuoso deliver a federated data-space platform that plugs
naturally into the Web via HTTP. Virtuoso enables organizations and individual
users to construct their own points of presence on the Web without
relinquishing control or privacy to third parties.

The bundled open-source OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) application suite makes it
easy for Web and enterprise users to transparently and unobtrusively integrate
new data with existing silos such as Weblogs, Wikis, Bookmarks, Social
Networks, Calendars, Syndicated Feeds, etc.

As expected, all data (SQL, RDF, or XML) processed through or created within a
Virtuoso AMI remains under the total control of the AMI instance owner.

Simplified Semantic Web Presence

When deployed on Amazon EC2, Virtuoso and ODS reduce the previously complex
process of establishing Semantic Web presence to the simple task of creating a
user account.

This immediately results in an OpenID, tightly coupled to a FOAF
(Friend-Of-A-Friend)-based profile page. All user-generated data may also be
exposed through a SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities)-based
social-network -- giving the user full control over who else can see which
pieces of their data.

Immediate Access to Powerful Knowledge bases from the Linked Open Data Cloud

As a vital contribution to the momentum behind the burgeoning Web of Linked
Data, Virtuoso provides a simple deployment mechanism for highly integrated
knowledge bases emerging from the Linking Open Data community. For example, it
is now possible to deploy personal or service-specific renditions of DBpedia
within 1.5 hours, compared to an 8 - 22 hour effort when performed from

A New Platform for a New Era of Web Entrepreneurship

Virtuoso for EC2 provides a natural fit for entrepreneurs seeking to
cost-effectively exploit the third wave of the Web's evolution, by combining
scalable data-management and granular access to structured data with the new
variable-cost "pay as you go" data-center model that underlies the EC2

Additional Information

Virtuoso EC2 Product Information Page:

About OpenLink Software

OpenLink Software, Inc. is a leading technology innovator and enabler of the
Semantic Web, with strengths in universal platform, protocol, schema and data
access, transformation, hosting, and management. OpenLink's product lines
include: the flagship high-performance and secure Virtuoso Universal Server
for integrating and managing multiple protocols, Web services and data
sources; Virtuoso Sponger for transforming all varieties of data forms to RDF;
OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) for integrating all forms of collaborative Web apps
while exposing them through a single Semantic Web interface; the comprehensive
OpenLink Ajax Toolkit (OAT), and related database drivers and middleware. Both
commercial and open source versions are available.

OpenLink's strengths derive from an unmatched experience and commitment to
real-world practices. Industry standards supported include SQL, XML, RDF, RDF
Schemas, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLEDB, SPARQL, GData, XQuery, XPath, XSLT,
XML/A, OpenSearch, WebDAV, HTTP, NNTP, Atom Publishing, RSS, SOAP, GRDDL and
more. 32- and 64-bit platform support includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X,
FreeBSD, Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, and other UNIX flavors. Hosting and
integration support is provided for all leading RDBMs, leading triple-stores,
LAMP applications, and many more.

OpenLink Software is privately held, with offices in the U.S.A. and the United
Kingdom. It has been the leading provider and technology innovator in the
universal data-access middleware market since 1993; over 10,000 companies
currently use its products worldwide. The company web site is

OpenLink Virtuoso is a registered trademark of OpenLink Software, Inc. or one
of its affiliates or subsidiaries, in the U.S. and other countries. Any other
trademarks or service marks contained herein are the property of their
respective owners.

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