REG-ThyssenKrupp AG Dividend Declaration

Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:57am EST

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LONDON--(Business Wire)--

Payment of Dividend

The 10th Annual General Meeting of ThyssenKrupp AG resolved on January 23, 2009,
to use the unappropriated net income of the 2007/2008 fiscal year in the amount
of €668,835,757.20 as follows:

 Distribution of a Dividend of €1.30 per eligible share:          €602,515,539.60    
 Remaining amount to be carried forward:                          €66,320,217.60     

The dividend will be paid out by the depositary banks after in general deduction
of 26.375% German withholding tax (25% German capital yields tax and 5.5%
Solidarity Surcharge) on January 26, 2009. 

Under the conditions provided by the UK/German Double Taxation Treaty of
November 26, 1964 as amended by the Protocol of March 23, 1970 the German
capital yields tax will be reduced to 15% and the Solidarity Surcharge will be
rescinded for shareholders who are residents of the United Kingdom. UK residents
may use the 15% withholding tax as tax credit in the UK. Capital yields tax in
excess of 15% is recoverable from the German tax authorities by UK residents. To
claim a refund, shareholders must submit an application by no later than
December 31, 2013 to: Bundesamt für Finanzen, 53225 Bonn, Germany. 

Duisburg and Essen, January 2009 

ThyssenKrupp AG
The Executive Board 

ThyssenKrupp AG 

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