MindBlazer Announces 45 New Financial Institutions Request Interactive Web Content from MoneyMinutesTV

Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:00am EST

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Banks, Credit Unions Show Interest in New Media to Educate Consumers
CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(Business Wire)--
MindBlazer, a marketing technology company that leverages interactive video and
new media for the financial industry, announced today that 45 financial
institutions have signed up to offer MoneyMinutesTV content on their Web sites.
MoneyMinutesTV launched Oct. 29, 2008 and provides banks and credit unions with
video segments to help educate consumers about their products and encourage
adoption of online financial services. 

Atlanta-based Cornerstone Bank, Glenview, Ill.-based Glenview State Bank and
Florence, Ore.-based Oregon Pacific Bank recently joined other financial
institutions nationwide in offering the complimentary MoneyMinutesTV segment
`How Your Money is Protected` to their customers. The video explains the roles
of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in insuring personal
accounts; videos are also available explaining the role of the National Credit
Union Administration (NCUA) for credit unions. 

"We have certainly benefited from having the FDIC video on our bank's website,"
said Madeline H. Belfoure, senior vice president of marketing and retail banking
at Cornerstone Bank. "It has helped to calm the fears of our customers while
presenting the information in a much more interesting and compelling manner. I
also believe that the video adds to the professionalism of our site. In
addition, MindBlazer was extremely quick in getting it set up for us. It was
almost no work for me at all other than getting it posted on our website." 

"We underestimated the demand for the topic," said MindBlazer president and CEO
Ryan Brown. "Financial institutions that we have spoken with say what they
benefit from the most is how the segment enables them to communicate directly
with their customers, rather than sending them to another site to find
information." Banks and credit unions can visit the MoneyMinutesTV Web site to
sign up for the complimentary segment and also learn about the other
interactive, education-based video content available. 

Brown sees online interactive video as an inexpensive and effective method to
deliver messages that influence consumer behavior. "Many successful financial
institutions are diverting resources from traditional marketing outlets and
making a greater investment in their online channel. MoneyMinutesTV removes the
`heavy lifting` that comes with planning, producing and implementing media
content from scratch. Our education-based approach, industry experience and
proven results make MoneyMinutesTV an easy choice for banks and credit unions." 

MoneyMinutesTV is a syndicated series of education-based interactive videos
designed to inform consumers about financial products and services, while
helping banks and credit unions drive sales and service activations online. The
segments are approximately one to three minutes in length and cover a range of
financial topics. The content additionally can be customized to match each
financial institution`s brand, and can be placed directly on high-traffic areas
of the Web site. It can be leveraged through in-branch use, direct mail or in
one-on-one sessions with consumers as well. 

About MindBlazer

MindBlazer is a marketing technology company that provides enhanced digital
media channels to aid with sales, education and corporate communications online.
Based in Charlotte, N.C., MindBlazer is management-owned and works with more
than 100 financial Institutions and financial technology providers of all sizes
to leverage new media and open Internet revenue streams. 

For more information about MindBlazer, visit the company`s Web site at
www.mindblazer.com or call 704.554.9555. For more information on MoneyMinutesTV
visit http://moneyminutes.tv. 

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