Novelle International Announces Maqui Superberry - SuperFruit Energy Powder

Mon Mar 2, 2009 3:23pm EST

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BRADENTON, Fla.--(Business Wire)--
Novelle International, the first company to introduce Maqui based supplements
and the exclusive distributor of the Maqui Superberry line of super-premium
antioxidant supplements, has added SuperFruit Energy Powder to the family. 

SuperFruit Energy Powder joins the Maqui Superberry liquid supplement and
vegetable capsules in Novelle`s line of naturally pure and scientifically proven
products. Maqui is the highest antioxidant superfruit in the world delivering an
ORAC-H value of almost double the acai berry and three times pomegranate per 100
grams. The Maqui-based SuperFruit Energy powder boasts a Premier Energy blend of
rhodiola, rosea, Siberian ginseng, yerba mate and vitamin Bs; combining natural
energy to a caffeine free product with no added sugar and the high nutritional
value of Maqui Superberry! 

"We have received excellent response from consumers, including noticeable
increase in nutritional benefits over existing goji, acai and pomegranate
products," said Annie Eng, President and Founder of Novelle. 

"Maqui Superberry is jam-packed with anthocyanin and polyphenol antioxidants,
providing the most effective and diverse health benefits. The high nutritional
value has enabled Maqui to emerge as the industry leader in the superfruit
category," said Dr. Juan Hancke. "Maqui SuperFruit Energy Powder is 100% water
soluble and is a great way to deliver quick, sustained energy with
cardiovascular and inflammatory support. Maqui Superberry also leads the
industry in promoting healthy aging. The high nutritional value provides the
added benefit of less to ingest." 

"At The Vitamin Shoppe we bring our customers the newest information and
products available to enhance their health and wellness goals," said Eric Cohen,
Super Food Category Manager for The Vitamin Shoppe. "The Maqui Superberry
Supplement is a new and exciting product that our customers have been waiting to
add to their health regimen." 

Ward Bond PhD has named the Maqui Superberry as one of the Top 20 life changing
nutrients in his most recent book. "Maqui Superberry benefits the whole body by
protecting the cells from free radicals, helping to prevent oxidative stress,
and by promoting healthy response to inflammation," said Dr. Bond. "Our
customers are reporting outstanding health benefits related to arthritis,
autism, cholesterol and blood sugar." 

Annie Eng of Novelle International, has just completed a trip to Chile in
February 2009 where Novelle donated specialized computer equipment to serve
Mapuche Indian schools. "The Mapuche Indian families have used the maqui berry
as a food supplement and for health care for centuries. Novelle is honored to
support their education and help sustain their land through organic
certification and sustainable harvest practices," said Eng. 

About Novelle International Inc.

Novelle International offers a line of Scientifically Proven - Naturally Pure
products based on the Maqui Superberry. Maqui Superberry is currently available
throughout the United States and Mexico. For more information on Novelle
International visit or 

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