Cobalis Corp. (CLSC) Launches Patented Revolutionary Allergy Prevention Product PreHistin(R) for Worldwide Sales at

Fri May 8, 2009 3:09pm EDT

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Cobalis Corp. (PINKSHEETS: CLSC), a pharmaceutical biotech company
specializing in the development of anti-allergy medications, announced
today that their patented revolutionary allergy prevention product
PreHistin(R) is now available for worldwide commercial sales and orders at

    During multiple clinical trials conducted by Cobalis Corp., pre-seasonal
treatment with PreHistin(R) was shown to reduce and regulate IgE levels
and their resultant histamine production in both allergy and non-allergy
sufferers. Cobalis Corp. has conducted numerous clinical trials in over 30
board certified clinics throughout the U.S. with over 2,200 patients in
the Phase III trials of PreHistin(R). As a result, the data from the
clinical trials enables Cobalis to launch patented PreHistin(R) as a
nutraceutical supplement with clinical claims.

    Dr. Paul Ratner, the lead clinical investigator during Cobalis trials of
PreHistin(R) and a Board Certified Allergist, as well as a Fellow of the
American Academy of Allergy and Immunology, said, "Results were dramatic.
PreHistin(R) was safe, showed no side effects and was non-drowsy.
PreHistin(R) is a novel therapy that can be taken preventatively and works
extremely well."

    PreHistin(R) is being manufactured by Monarch Nutraceutical, a division of
Nutraceutical Corp. in Ogden, Utah. Nutraceutical Corp. (NUTR) was the
original manufacturer of PreHistin(R) under the name Alleratin, which was
distributed to thousands of allergy suffers without cost for compassionate

    Chas Radovich, the President of Cobalis, stated, "We are extremely proud
to have reached this milestone turning Cobalis from a research
corporation to a commercially viable company with the launch of
PreHistin(R) for immediate domestic and international sales to the public
at Worldwide fulfillment of customer orders for our
initial internet marketing campaign for PreHistin will commence next
week. PreHistin(R) is a patented product, safe for long-term daily use
and available without a prescription. PreHistin(R) is a cherry flavored,
all natural, proprietary cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) sub-lingual lozenge
that is taken twice daily to regulate allergy sufferers' response to both
indoor and outdoor allergens with daily and year round usage."

    Cyanocobalamin has an excellent safety record, is safety accepted by the
US FDA, and has no upper dosage limits or contra-drug indications. For
over 50 years the FDA has approved cyanocobalamin as a drug for anemia.
Each PreHistin(R) lozenge contains 3.3mg Cyanocobalamin. For less than
$1.00 per day, twice daily use of PreHistin has been clinically shown to
significantly increase serum vitamin B12 levels, making PreHistin(R) a
cost effective and convenient alternative to other Vitamin B12 therapies.

    Mr. Radovich continued, "After many years of research, we are finally able
to make PreHistin(R) available to the over 55,000,000 allergy sufferers in
the United States, many of whom have been waiting for an all natural and
preventive alternative to their allergy problems. Immediate commencement
of sales through marks the beginning of our domestic and
international distribution sales partnerships and channels for


 Headquarter in Laguna Beach,
California, Cobalis Corp. is an over the counter pharmaceutical company.
Its flagship product, PreHistin(R) is designed to prevent the primary
causes of airborne allergies. The anti allergy market is projected to be
over fifteen billion dollars by 2010, and PreHistin(R) is in the unique
position of being the only Phase III clinically tested sublingual product
with outstanding test results and is poised to get its share of the

    PreHistin, "the world's first pre-histamine," has shown in previous
studies to modulate the body's level of protein IgE, reducing the
overproduction of histamines, the primary cause of airborne allergy
symptoms. Prior studies have shown that the active ingredient in
PreHistin has essentially no risks or adverse effects to the general
population including sedation drowsiness found in most of the allergy
products now available.

    For company info please visit our website at For product
info and ordering please visit at


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