Viral Video Phenomenon Charlie the Unicorn a Real-World T-Shirt Success - A CafePress Cultural BarometerTM Report

Fri Jun 5, 2009 8:00am EDT

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SAN MATEO, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
Charlie the Unicorn - the viral video phenomenon that started with a sardonic
Unicorn, his two friends and an ill-fated trip to Candy Mountain - has emerged
as a hit on, the world`s largest online destination for expressive
merchandise. The original video installment was re-uploaded thousands of times
on YouTube; filmmaker FilmCow has now followed with two sequels, the most recent
of which has earned over 3.5 million views in its first month. 

Adding to the pop culture phenomenon, Charlie has also become a hit on CafePress
with Charlie the Unicorn T-shirts ranking amongst its most popular products.
Featuring artwork inspired by the online cartoon and inside jokes from all three
installments, Charlie merchandise has shown that fans are more than happy to
sport their support for this offbeat online entertainment franchise. 

Given the quirky, insider nature of Charlie the Unicorn`s appeal, perhaps it`s
only appropriate that the T-shirts reflect that "in the know" attitude by
focusing on random characters and statements from the series, such as "We`re
Going to Candy Mountain, "Nooooo… Fugu!" and "Grab onto our tongues." Charlie
himself is a minor character when it comes to merchandise, though he does make
an appearance here and there with his pals. 

If Charlie fans are on to a new Unicorn trend it`s no surprise that CafePress
designers are already on top of it, having designed over 125,000 unique Unicorn
products; available today. 

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