Americans Get 'Frank' - New Survey Reveals Top Hot Dog Toppings From Coast To Coast

Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:39pm EDT

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Americans Get 'Frank' - New Survey Reveals Top Hot Dog Toppings From Coast To

Oscar Mayer Brand Announces 'Top Our Best Dog' Photo Contest for Chance to Win
Hometown Grill-Out with the Wienermobile Vehicle

Hot Dog!
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans will eat more than an estimated
7 billion hot dogs with more than 150 million consumed on July 4th alone -
enough to stretch from D.C. to L.A. over five times(1)! But what will top all
those dogs?

To celebrate a summer filled with hot dogs, America's Favorite Hot Dog brand
conducted a survey to identify how people nationwide prefer to dress their

    Survey Says:
        --  Chicago-Style Dog Debunked
            While putting ketchup on Chicago-style hot dog is forbidden, more
            than half of Chicago residents surveyed (55%) ranked ketchup as
            their fourth favorite topping behind mustard (80%), onion (69%)
            and relish (59%).
        --  Mustard A Must-Have
            Among the ten markets surveyed, mustard (77%) weighed in as the
            number one hot dog topping, followed by ketchup (58%), onions
            (50%), relish (47%) and cheese (41%).
        --  New York City's Tried And True
            Big Apple residents traditionally dress their dogs with mustard,
            'kraut and a sweet onion mixture in a tomato sauce. Holding true
            to tradition, locals noted mustard (73%) and sauerkraut (50%) as
            their two favorite toppings.
        --  Home Team Or Your Own Team?
            Thirty-six percent of men said that their hot dog topping tastes
            match-up with their hometown's favorite toppings, while 33% of
            women prefer to go against the grain.
        --  Hot Dog Of The Stars
            Hot dog fans in Los Angeles are known to garnish their franks with
            chili, but less than 40% surveyed actually reported using the
            savory topping. Though thousands of miles apart, those surveyed
            actually noted similar tastes to Chicago residents with a
            preference for mustard (77%), ketchup (58%), relish (57%) and
            onions (56%).
        --  Battle Of The Sexes
            Though the battle between ketchup and mustard continues mustard
            was ranked as the topping of choice among both men (80%) and women
            (75%), while onions ranked second with 55% of men and ketchup
            ranked second with 60% of women.
        --  "Hot-lanta" Dogs
            Georgians are known to enjoy a slew of different toppings on their
            dogs, including mustard, ketchup, onions, sliced dill pickles,
            oyster crackers and spicy chili. While folks surveyed left oyster
            crackers off the list, more than half top their dogs with chili,
            onions and cheese, and nearly 80% slather on mustard.
        --  Hold the Heat In Boston
            While Bostonians are known to adorn their dogs with ketchup,
            mustard, and a blend of peppers and onions, only 6% surveyed
            report using peppers on their franks.

And When It Comes To Serving 'Em Up:

        --  There's No Place Like Home
            Nearly 40% of men and 45% of women said that backyard grill-outs
            are their favorite summer hot dog eating occasion, while 34% of
            men and 44% of women surveyed said they don't need a special
            occasion; they eat hot dogs all summer long.
        --  Family Friendly Value Meal
            More than 50% of those surveyed, 55% of men and 51% of women, said
            they plan to have more hot dogs at barbeques or family gatherings,
            due to the economy.

In Search Of The Best-Dressed Dog 
Enter the Oscar Mayer "Top Our Best Dog Contest" for chance to win Labor Day
grill-out with the Wienermobile vehicle.
    --  Submit a photo showcasing how you top Oscar Mayer Jumbo Beef Franks,
        along with your favorite hot dog memory via a link at
    --  Oscar Mayer will choose one "lucky dog" to receive a Labor Day
        grill-out for their family and friends, complete with a visit from the
        Wienermobile, a top of the line grill, a year's supply of hot dogs
        and bragging rights!

    --  Visit for complete contest rules.

Survey conducted by Impulse Research on behalf of the Oscar Mayer brand in top
hot dog consuming cities including: New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, Chicago, San Antonio/Corpus Christi, Atlanta, South Carolina and
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale(1). For more information and complete survey results,
CONTACT: Noelle Overly at 312-988-2109 or

(1) According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.

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SOURCE  Oscar Mayer
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