Private Business Tackles Immigration - The Red Card Solution: A Path to Legality,...

Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:40am EDT

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Private Business Tackles Immigration - The Red Card Solution: A Path to
Legality, Not Citizenship for Temporary Workers


WASHINGTON, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- On Tuesday, just two days before President
Obama holds his White House Summit on Immigration reform, Helen Krieble of the
Vernon K. Krieble Foundation introduced The Red Card Solution
(, her private sector initiative to solve America's
temporary worker dilemma.  


"The President has promised to deal with this issue," says Krieble.  "I'm
suggesting a simple plan that is secure through the use of smart cards,
cost-free to taxpayers since it's funded by the private sector, practical for
foreign workers and the business owners who need them, and economically
beneficial because it generates new tax revenues for American coffers." 

Helen introduced The Red Card Solution on Tuesday while premiering a
mini-documentary on the issue at the National Press Club in Washington, along
with experts on the topic who were panelists in a lively Q&A with guests,
including Steve Moorefrom the Wall Street Journal; James Carafano, Heritage
Foundation; Matt Kibbeof Freedom Works; and Mario Lopez, Hispanic Leadership

"This plan is not meant to fix every part of the immigration problem, but it
addresses the most difficult part of the debate - a practical system for
temporary workers," said Krieble.  "Citizenship is a different issue and
should be dealt with separately from a work program.  But the need for
laborers to do jobs that Americans don't want can be solved quickly and easily
by the private sector," she continued.

"We have criminalized hard-working people, not to mention the business owners
who are made to choose between hiring illegal workers, or going out of
business without them," said Krieble.

Mario Lopez of the Hispanic Leadership Fund noted, "Today there is no
opportunity for these workers to come in legally.  So people who just want to
provide for their families make the difficult decision to break our law, go
through great personal danger, then exist in the shadows."

"What makes The Red Card Solution so perfect is that a small business owner
came up with it," said Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal.  "If we had
fewer lawyers and more small business people in Congress we'd probably get
more done."

"But America's temporary worker needs are not just at the low end of the
scale," Moore continued.  "We need workers with PhDs and high level
educations.  Currently, foreign students come into the U.S. and get great
educations, then we won't renew their visas to stay here and work. So we're
exporting that great talent American business might benefit from."

"The real tragedy," said Carafano, "is that we're not watching The Red Card
Solution documentary in the White House screening room on Thursday when the
President has his Immigration summit meeting."
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