Corning Supplies Samsung Electronics with Gorilla Glass for Touch Screen Mobile Phones

Tue Jul 7, 2009 8:00am EDT

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CORNING, N.Y.--(Business Wire)--
Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) announced today that Corning`s Gorilla glass was
selected as the protective cover glass for Samsung UltraTOUCH mobile phones. 

"The full touch screen mobile category is growing rapidly these days and
projected capacitive technology is one of the preferred touch technologies for
today`s full touch mobile market," said Andy Kim, senior manager of Product
Planning Group, Samsung Electronics. "Working with Corning and the unique
composition of Gorilla glass allowed us to design a thin, light-weight, stylish
mobile phone." 

Corning`s Gorilla glass is designed so that after undergoing a chemical
strengthening process, it provides device manufacturers with a highly durable,
scratch-resistant cover glass for touch screens and flat portable displays.
These features make Gorilla glass an ideal solution for personal electronic
devices, such as mobile phones and notebook computers, and are especially
valuable for products featuring touch-screen technologies. 

"Touch screen has rapidly become the standard in high-end mobile phone devices
and in today`s mobile phone market, users want technology packed into stylish
designs," added James E. Hollis, commercial director, Corning Specialty
Materials. "Device makers want a product that can withstand the repetitive
motion and use of touch. Corning`s Gorilla glass is ideal for these types of
applications where pressure is being applied to the interface. It is a strong
and damage-resistant cover glass that can withstand high-volume user

Corning Gorilla glass is available in a variety of thicknesses, from 0.5
millimeters up to 2.0 millimeters, providing flexibility in device design as
well as glass processing. It is also adaptable to scalable sheet sizes for
optimal throughput. 

It is an environmentally friendly alumino-silicate glass produced with Corning`s
proprietary fusion draw process, which enables the production of uniform thin
sheets with a pristine surface. The result is a drawn surface that in many cases
requires no additional finishing for some applications while providing a wide
range of thickness options, low-surface roughness and superior flatness. These
benefits enable Corning`s customers to optimize device design and fabrication

About Corning Incorporated

Corning Incorporated ( is the world leader in specialty glass
and ceramics. Drawing on more than 150 years of materials science and process
engineering knowledge, Corning creates and makes keystone components that enable
high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control,
telecommunications and life sciences. Our products include glass substrates for
LCD televisions, computer monitors and laptops; ceramic substrates and filters
for mobile emission control systems; optical fiber, cable, hardware & equipment
for telecommunications networks; optical biosensors for drug discovery; and
other advanced optics and specialty glass solutions for a number of industries
including semiconductor, aerospace, defense, astronomy and metrology. 

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor,
telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2008
consolidated sales of US$96 billion. Employing approximately 164,600 people in
179 offices across 61 countries, the company consists of two business units:
Digital Media & Communications and Device Solutions. Recognized as one of the
fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of
digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information,
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