"The Road Avenger" Novel, First Public Demo Debut

Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:16am EDT

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MMP Publishing is pleased to announce a preview of the upcoming novel
"The Road Avenger" by Mary Margaret Park, a story based upon the 1985
Data East laserdisc classic, "Road Blaster."

    "The Road Avenger" novel preview is an excerpt from the larger work,
consisting of four segments from the novel's opening, and will mark the
first of several public viewings to be released over the next year.

    "We're taking 'The Road Avenger' to places he's never been," author Mary
Margaret Park said. "A world beyond what the fans already know, building
upon the roots of the original 'Road Blaster' experience."

    Readers interested in obtaining "The Road Avenger" novel preview may do so
by visiting http://www.theroadavenger.com

    Accompanying the novel's first public demo debut is the release of the
"Road Blaster Singles Collection" by Sekrett Scilensce, a remake of the
1992 "Road Blaster FX" theme-song.

    The "Road Blaster Singles Collection" includes nine new recordings
spanning versions in Japanese, English, German, Spanish, as well as
instrumental arrangements.

    "We're honored to have been authorized to serve the music remakes and
novel adaptation," composer Sekrett Scilensce said.

    Listeners interested in obtaining the "Road Blaster Singles Collection"
may do so by visiting http://www.roadblastersoundtrack.com

    The producer's have partnered with artist Manoel Camilo Nascimento of
Ramius Technology and Design. MC Nascimento's first set of artworks,
showcases a vision of "The Road Avenger's" universe through a blend of
impressionistic and realistic styling.

    About the releases:

    Authorized by G-mode co. ltd., "The Road Avenger" is a novelization of the
1985 Data East laserdisc classic "Road Blaster." It is written by author
Mary Margaret Park and co-produced by composer Sekrett Scilensce. Editing
of the novel's demo was performed by Jayne Pupek ("Tomato Girl,"

    Authorized by Freeway Corp., the "Road Blaster Singles Collection" is a
remake of the 1992 "Road Blaster FX" theme-song originally by the Japanese
rock-band J-Walk. It is produced and performed by composer Sekrett

    The "Silver Moon" and "Shelby mug-shot" artworks are licensed by Ramius
Technology and Design and are illustrated by Manoel Camilo Nascimento.



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