Terracotta for Hibernate Drives Dramatic Improvements in Application Performance While Reducing Database Costs

Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:00am EDT

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Power of Terracotta Now Available as High-Performance Distributed Cache Plug-In
for Hibernate, Supercharging the Popular Data Access Backbone for Enterprise
Java Applications
SAN FRANCISCO--(Business Wire)--
Terracotta, a recognized leader in infrastructure software for enterprise Java
scalability, today announced the availability of Terracotta 3.1. The new
release, which is already available for download, includes Terracotta for
Hibernate, a plug-in distributed cache for the widely-used Hibernate
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework. Coupled with Terracotta`s recent
acquisition of the world`s most popular Java caching framework, Ehcache, this
new release marks yet another significant milestone in delivering simple
scalability to a wider range of organizations that build software using the Java

Organizations running Java applications are actively seeking ways to continue
using the Hibernate framework they prefer, while reducing the heavy load on the
database it can create. Based on actual deployment results, Terracotta for
Hibernate slashes latency to times typically under 1 millisecond, making
applications far more responsive, with results end-users can see immediately. By
simply using Terracotta for Hibernate as a second-level cache, applications
often see throughput boosts of ten times and database load reductions of 30-90
percent. These performance gains occur along with Terracotta`s guarantee that
all the data in the cache is highly available and up-to-date across servers.
This ensures applications function seamlessly without sacrificing data

"Terracotta 3.1 fills a long-standing gap in object-relational mapping
technology, one that has driven unnecessarily high database spending for a few
years," said Ari Zilka, chief technology officer and co-founder of Terracotta.
"Hibernate combined with Terracotta gives developers the development simplicity
they sought in ORMs in the first place, with the high throughput their customers
demand, along with less tuning hassle, all for dramatically lower cost." 

By managing frequently-accessed data in Terracotta, Hibernate users no longer
need to provision databases for peak load, or purchase expensive database
clustering features, and as a result can drive large cost savings for their
organizations while delivering a higher quality of service to their end users. 

Terracotta for Hibernate capabilities in Terracotta 3.1 include:

* High Performance, Coherent Distributed Cache- Increase application capacity by
ten times by reducing database load from 30-90 percent; 
* Unmatched Workload Visualization- Terracotta for Hibernate`s dashboard is the
only product that provides a cluster-wide view of all Hibernate activity,
showing you at a glance how much load is taken off your database. Get individual
server statistics, as well as aggregate cluster-wide views of key Hibernate and
cache statistics; 
* Hibernate Optimized for Clustered Operation- Terracotta for Hibernate uses the
Terracotta scalability platform to optimize Hibernate in the context of a
cluster of application servers; 
* Runtime Configuration and Control-Developers and operators gain runtime
control over critical cache settings like per region cacheability and
time-to-live (TTL) and time-to-idle (TTI) parameters; and 
* Broad Container Support - Terracotta 3.1 supports a wide array of Java
containers, including Apache Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic, Jetty, JBoss and Sun

This latest release is a major step in addressing the common cost and
performance concerns associated with databases. Terracotta 3.1 also protects
customers` existing investment in database infrastructure by making it easier to
be more selective about what data should be placed in a database and what data
is better managed within Terracotta. Terracotta 3.1, which includes Terracotta
for Hibernate, is available immediately for download at www.terracotta.org. 

About Terracotta, Inc.

Terracotta is infrastructure software that provides affordable and scalable high
availability for Java applications. Companies use Terracotta to offload work
from databases and application servers and to reduce their development efforts.
Founded in 2003, Terracotta, Inc. is a private firm headquartered in San
Francisco. More information on the company, its products and its open source
community is available at www.terracotta.org. 

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