New Bose SoundDock 10 Digital Music System

Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:33pm EDT

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A New Standard of Audio Performance from a Speaker System for iPod
FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(Business Wire)--
Today, Bose has introduced the SoundDock® 10 digital music system, delivering
audio performance previously unattainable from a one-piece speaker system for
iPod. Using advanced engineering and new technologies, the SoundDock 10 system
is the premium SoundDock system from Bose, joining the SoundDock Series II
system and SoundDock Portable system in the acclaimed product line. 

The new SoundDock 10 system was designed to reset the standard for how good an
iPod can sound from a single enclosure. It maintains dock-and-play simplicity in
a small, elegant design -- yet plays with exceptional clarity across the full
musical range, and delivers the low-note performance and volume levels of much
larger sound systems. 

"The SoundDock 10 system is for people who want the sound quality of a primary
music system for their iPod or iPhone," said Phil Hess, vice president of the
Bose Home Entertainment Division. "We started with a clean sheet and a clear
goal: to deliver unparalleled audio performance without the need for complicated
equipment. We then developed new technologies to deliver that performance
without compromise." 

Advanced Engineering and New Technologies: Only From Bose

The SoundDock 10 system was designed as an integrated system and uses
advancements from every Bose engineering discipline. 

Measuring approximately 9" high, 17" wide and 10" deep, it incorporates new and
existing Bose technologies, including a new version of Bose proprietary
waveguide technology -- debuting for the first time and developed specifically
for the SoundDock 10 system. The new waveguide was reduced from 75" to 52"
without compromising audio performance, and is folded precisely in the system`s
small enclosure, using every cubic inch of acoustic space. It is matched with a
newly designed Bose woofer, made exclusively for the SoundDock 10 system to
deliver four times the efficiency of a conventional woofer. 

Together, the new waveguide and custom Bose woofer produce very deep low notes,
without enlarging the enclosure or requiring a separate subwoofer. They are
connected by a proprietary multi-purpose metal cap that met a required
combination of benefits: it seals the waveguide and woofer, provides magnetic
shielding, directs air through the enclosure, and withstands the high internal
pressure created by the system when played. 

Two proprietary Bose Twiddler® transducers (a combination of a high-frequency
transducer and mid-range driver) are optimally positioned in the front of the
system to complete the full-range of accurate musical reproduction. 

The SoundDock 10 system`s electronics package is integral to achieving its
performance and size. Proprietary digital signal processing algorithms improve
musical instrument detail and definition. Audible distortion is reduced, and all
frequencies can be heard when the system is played quietly. The system is driven
by efficient amplifiers and a 

switching power supply housed within the system, eliminating the need for an
external transformer. Users need only manage a simple power cord. 

A proprietary vibration isolation structure is used to maintain iPod or iPhone
performance, regardless of the listening level. For heat management, components
are precisely positioned to create a "chimney effect," efficiently cooling the

New Functionality: For Today and Tomorrow

The SoundDock 10 system is Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certified,
compatible with any click-wheel iPod or iPod Touch, and the iPhone 3GS, 3G and
original iPhone model. 

It features a new, proprietary interchangeable docking architecture, designed to
"future-proof" the system and protect an owner`s investment as new media player
technologies emerge. A Bluetooth® dock is offered separately and streams music
wirelessly from a stereo Bluetooth music phone. As new devices become
established standards, new docks will be made available. 

An auxiliary input allows for the connection of additional equipment -- an iPod
shuffle, MP3 player or portable CD player. A video output lets users play video
from an iPhone or iPod on a TV while listening to the soundtrack on the
SoundDock 10 system. An infrared remote controls the system and the basic
functions of an iPod or iPhone, including playlist navigation. It also allows
listeners to switch back and forth between sources. 

"The SoundDock 10 system is a thrilling product made possible through our
research," said Hess. "We believe its performance and elegance stand alone. And
we believe that becomes evident the very first time an owner listens to a
favorite iPod playlist or Pandora music station." 

The SoundDock Story

The original Bose SoundDock digital music system was introduced in 2004,
offering iPod owners a new way to listen to their digital music. 

The SoundDock system`s performance, elegance and simplicity quickly defined the
category, and inspired other Bose entries: the SoundDock Portable digital music
system, offering rich, detailed sound with the convenience of a rechargeable
battery, and the SoundDock Series II digital music system, providing
high-quality audio performance for small-to medium-sized rooms. 

Today, the Bose SoundDock product line is recognized as an industry standard,
delighting owners around the world and maintaining the Bose commitment to
offering consumers the ultimate benefit -- bringing people closer to their

The SoundDock 10 digital music system is available from Bose for $599; the
optional Bluetooth interchangeable dock is available for $149.Both will be sold
at select authorized Bose dealers, Bose retail stores,, or toll
free at 1-800-444-BOSE (2673) beginning September 21, 2009. The SoundDock
Portable digital music system and the SoundDock Series II digital music system
will remain in the product line for $399 and $299, respectively. 

About Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, professor at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, the company is primarily known for
its research in acoustics, which has produced inventions that have improved the
performance of: 

-- Loudspeakers 

-- Home entertainment systems 

-- Automotive music systems designed for the interior acoustics of each car
model (first introduced by Bose) 

-- Noise reducing headsets for pilots and the public (first introduced by Bose) 

-- Sound in public spaces 

-- A new approach for the production of sound for musicians requiring electronic
amplification of their instruments 

-- Materials testing and durability simulation instruments for biomedical

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