Open Mashup Alliance Formed to Promote Interoperability and Adoption of Enterprise Mashup Solutions

Thu Sep 24, 2009 9:10am EDT

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Group Founded by Adobe, Bank of America, Capgemini, Hinchcliffe & Company, HP,
Intel, JackBe, Kapow Technologies, ProgrammableWeb, Synteractive, and Xignite
for Development of Enterprise Mashup Markup Language (EMML) Specification 
CHEVY CHASE, Md.--(Business Wire)--
A consortium of leading technology companies today announced the creation of the
Open Mashup Alliance (, an organization dedicated to
the successful use of Enterprise Mashup technologies and adoption of an open
language that promotes Enterprise Mashup interoperability and portability. 

The Open Mashup Alliance (OMA) founding members includes leading software
vendors, consulting companies, technology service providers and industry leaders
that share a common interest in promoting the open, free-to-use Enterprise
Mashup Markup Language (EMML) for the development, interoperability and
compatibility of Enterprise Mashup offerings. The charter members of the OMA
include Adobe, Bank of America, Capgemini, Hinchcliffe & Company, HP, Intel,
JackBe, Kapow Technologies, ProgrammableWeb, Synteractive, and Xignite. 

The EMML specification will be governed under the Creative Commons License and
supported by a free-to-use EMML reference runtime engine. The Open Mashup
Alliance will steward and enhance the EMML v1.0 specification for future
contribution to a standards body. 

"We are very excited to be a founding member of Open Mashup Alliance and to
foster mashup interoperability and portability through an open language. EMML
was designed specifically to address the needs of Enterprise Mashup developers.
We are proud to contribute this industry-proven language to the mashup
community," said Deepak Alur, Vice President of Engineering at JackBe and
co-author of "Core J2EE Patterns." 

Membership in the Open Mashup Alliance is open to all organizations or
individuals with an interest in the advancement of EMML and Enterprise Mashup
interoperability and compatibility. More information is available on the Open
Mashup Alliance website at The EMML specification, along
with a supporting runtime reference implementation, documentation, and sample
code, is also available on the Alliance website. 

Statements from Charter Members: 

"Using Adobe`s Rich Internet Applications (RIA) technology, enterprise customers
are exploring mashups to deliver contextual, task centric workspaces that
aggregate information from different backend applications. Together with the
founding members of the Open Mashup Alliance, Adobe will continue to encourage
the interoperability and compatibility of different mashup platforms to help
accelerate adoption in the enterprise," said Kumar Vora, vice president and
general manager for LiveCycle at Adobe. 

Michael Ogrinz, principal architect at Bank of America and author of the book
`Mashup Patterns` commented, "For enterprise mashups to take hold, we need to
remove the `vendor lock-in` concerns raised by today`s proprietary toolsets. We
also need to inspire the innovative minds of the open-source community to start
working in this space. By establishing an open standard for mashups, the OMA and
EMML addresses both of these issues." 

"Capgemini clients around the world are achieving excellent results with
Enterprise Mashup solutions but know their risk can be reduced and their value
can be increased by solutions that are built upon standardized vendor products.
We are pleased to be a founding member in this association with these key
objectives," said Andy Mulholland, Global CTO at Capgemini and co-author of the
book "Mashup Corporations." 

"The Open Mashup Alliance offers organizations a proven, standardized model that
will help increase mashup adoption in organizations, increase flexibility and
choice in agile integration scenarios, and reduce the risk and cost for many
kinds of IT projects," said Dion Hinchcliffe, founder of Web 2.0 University and
president of Hinchcliffe and Company. 

"Enterprises can accelerate return on investment, reduce the risks of mashup
efforts and deliver real-time reporting of dynamic information to business users
by adopting industry-wide open standards like EMML," said Tim Hall, Director,
SOA Center, HP. "HP's collaboration with Open Mashup Alliance members to promote
the standard design of mashups will help customers advance their SOA initiatives
by allowing them to provide a rich user experience on top of their web

"With over 300 global enterprises using Kapow Technologies, the delivery of
real-time Web data to mashups is essential for enabling business agility," says
Stefan Andreasen, Founder and CTO of Kapow Technologies. "And the efforts of the
Open Mashup Alliance are key in creating standards such as EMML to drive the
interoperability of mashup offerings and will lead to greater benefits for more

"At ProgrammableWeb we have tracked the evolution of enterprise mashups and have
seen first-hand the challenges posed by lack of compatibility across mashup
platforms. By establishing open standards such as EMML, the Open Mashup Alliance
is addressing these issues by enabling product interoperability, reducing risk,
and ultimately creating new opportunities for enterprises implementing mashups,"
said John Musser, founder of ProgrammableWeb. 

"Dozens of government transparency and openness initiatives are being supported
by mashup implementations. The OMA and EMML will give Synteractive's public
sector clients better interoperability and portability of these mashup
solutions," said Evan Burfield, CEO of Synteractive. 

Stephane Dubois, CEO and founder of on-demand market data provider Xignite said,
"As a commercial web service pioneer, Xignite has seen our clients speed up
their consumption of on-demand data and open APIs as they become easier to
consume and mashup into applications. An initiative like the OMA will accelerate
this trend and reduce application development complexity and data management
costs for enterprises. We are excited to join our efforts with those of other
OMA charter members."

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