Rococo Software Raises Fresh Capital for Growth

Thu Oct 1, 2009 7:31am EDT

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Rococo Software, the global leader in Bluetooth wireless technology
infrastructure for mobile phones, today announced that it has
successfully raised new capital following from the placement of new
shares in the company. The new investment will be used to accelerate
Rococo's activities to expand the usage of Bluetooth applications on
mobile phones and other devices, and increase the shipment of Rococo's
software globally.

    As pioneers in Java and Bluetooth technology, Rococo created the world's
first software developer tools and infrastructure software based on the
JSR82 standard for Java and Bluetooth technology. Rococo has continued to
innovate and lead the market with its Impronto range of tools and
licensing kits. There are now more than 100 million mobile phones shipped
by major manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Panasonic and Amoi with
Rococo's technology. The Impronto product range makes it easy for mobile
phone manufacturers to add Java and Bluetooth capability to their
platform and helps developers focus on creating innovative wireless
applications. The result is faster, easier construction of
proximity-based Bluetooth applications.

    "When we helped create the JSR82 standard, we envisaged a time when most
phones would have Bluetooth on board, and developers could create
exciting new connected applications", said Sean O Sullivan, Rococo's CEO,
"That time has arrived, and we plan to help spur the next phase of
innovation by giving handset manufacturers and software developers a new
generation of rich Java/Bluetooth tools and APIs."

    Bluetooth technology has become a "must have" feature for mobile phones
and Rococo's new roadmap will enable developers to incorporate Bluetooth
in to a wider range of new applications. The new roadmap includes higher
level software frameworks to enable phones manufacturers and developers
to quickly roll out peer-to-peer gaming and social proximity solutions
and it is also designed to tap the new Bluetooth low energy
specification, anticipated for release in late 2009. By enabling the
creation of new healthcare and sporting services and applications that
connect devices such as fitness equipment , watches and remote controls
directly to the mobile phone, Rococo, with the support from their
international partners, will work to promote and deliver these new
services and applications globally.

    "Rococo helped lead the way in connecting Java to Bluetooth,' said
Michael Foley, Ph.D., executive director of the Bluetooth SIG. "With so
many wireless applications being developed in Java, we're excited to see
Rococo continue to push to put the power of Bluetooth in the hands of the
millions of Java developers world wide. We're looking forward to seeing
them create new apps that will delight consumers."

    Manager of Enterprise Ireland's Software Division Jennifer Condon, added:
"Rococo, an Enterprise Ireland client company, is poised to become a
leading niche supplier of Bluetooth infrastructure technology with its
new roadmap and the continued growth in the Bluetooth enable mobile
device market. Like many of Ireland's technologically advanced companies,
all of Rococo's growth will come from exporting and this significant
investment will accelerate Rococo's scaling potential in export markets."

    Ryu Koriyama, CEO of Aplix, said "Rococo has been a key partner of Aplix
for many years, and we are very excited about the potential of the
company and its technology. We are about to see a whole new generation of
Bluetooth applications and services, resulting from the mass availability
of Bluetooth-enabled devices, and renewed focus in the market on
third-party applications. Rococo's long-standing focus on supporting the
developer with middleware and tools means it is now very well positioned
to address this opportunity."

    About Rococo

    Rococo Software ( has been a leader in Java/Bluetooth
technology since the genesis of the JSR82 technology standard in late

    Rococo played a key role in developing the JSR82 standard as a member of
the JSR82 Expert Group. In 2001, Rococo created the world's first
software developer tools and infrastructure software based on the JSR82
standard for emerging Java/Bluetooth market.

    Today, Rococo has significant OEM partnerships in Japan and the US for
its Java/Bluetooth products. Customers for Rococo's tools and
infrastructure software include Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, IBM,
Aplix, Amoi and Myriad. In addition, hundreds of universities use
Rococo's Impronto tools to teach wireless computing.

    Rococo's software has been deployed on more than 150 million handsets to

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