Energy Source Inc. Announces New Action for Investors

Tue Oct 6, 2009 7:16pm EDT

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LONDON, Oct. 6, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the last four years the company
(Other OTC:BCIT) has made every effort for the resumption of trading of its
stock by complying with all requests made to it by all pertinent agencies. It
has done this at great expense and effort but as it has complied; it has found
its efforts to be unfairly obstructed. Even with the findings of various
government agencies showing Energy Source to be innocent of any wrong doing one
private organization continues to block the rights of the company, the
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC).

The DTCC its officials and lawyers lead the company to understand that on the
completion of all the normal regulatory requirements it would clear its stock
for normal trading. This position was reached by mid 2007 after an exhaustive
and costly process. The DTCC despite the company being fully filed, having
possession of an 15c211 as required by FINRA, consent from NASDAQ to trade the
DTCC refused to clear the company's shares unless the company supplied
sufficient shares to the DTCC to cover the counterfeit shares it had allowed to
enter the market by its gross negligence as well as supporting a tide of naked
short selling by its client owners and brokers. The company out of disgust and
frustration, had stopped their corporate filings and contemplated what else they
could possibly do after spending over $800,000 to that point. The company had
complied with all requests, was accused of no wrong doings, yet was not
permitted the rights it deserves, to do business.

Energy Source would like to announce that it is, once again, becoming fully
compliant in all corporate matters. Empire Stock Transfer Inc. continues to act
as the company's stock transfer agent, and the company will update its filings
shortly. Any and all other corporate matters found to be delinquent will be
addressed and remedied as well.

The company is resolved on behalf of its shareholders and those others who have
fallen victim to the ongoing fraud perpetrated in the marketplace to continue in
business despite the failure of regulatory agencies to protect the most basic
rights of the capital of the company, and the rights of its investors, which has
now created a climate of distrust and frustration that needs to be addressed.

The company, after talking with the main investigator of Senator Grassley's
office, who has intervened as a moderator for all concerned, feels that it is
time to make this effort. Without the effort put forth by Senator Grassley's
office and the determination of certain shareholders, who only ever wanted what
they paid for - their shares, the company would have had to consider other

It is unfortunate that a private monopoly like the Depository Trust & Clearing
Corporation and its financial institutional owners, exercises decisive influence
over such government agencies such as the SEC and can dictate policy with
impunity to the market place to the extent that the owners of a public company
are no longer in control of their own capital structure and there is no redress
for outright fraud perpetrated by brokers on the company's shareholders. Energy
Source is most thankful for Senator Grassley's office demonstrating integrity
and concern by stepping in and attempting to moderate in this situation where
investors have been fleeced by their brokers and the DTCC.

Additionally the company announces retaining the services of Kellogg, Huber,
Hansen, Todd, Evans & Figel, P.L.L.C. to assist it with future legal
proceedings. An independent effort by our shareholders to help with these
expenses has been initiated and the company supports and welcomes their efforts.

Thomas Megas CEO Energy Source Inc.

CONTACT:  Energy Source, Inc. 
          Thomas Megas 

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