Rodale Publishes Vice President Al Gore's New Book OUR CHOICE: A Plan To Solve the Climate Crisis on Tuesday, November 3

Tue Nov 3, 2009 10:03am EST

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Rodale Publishes Vice President Al Gore's New Book OUR CHOICE: A Plan To Solve
the Climate Crisis on Tuesday, November 3

EMMAUS, Pa. and NEW YORK, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Rodale Books
announced today the publication of former Vice President Al Gore's new book,
OUR CHOICE: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis. In his New York Times
bestselling book An Inconvenient Truth (Rodale 2006), Gore unequivocally laid
out the case that climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. With
OUR CHOICE, he gives us the tools to solve it. 

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"OUR CHOICE offers the most up-to-date and deepest thinking on climate change
across a variety of disciplines," said Vice President Al Gore. "But most
importantly, it offers solutions that we can -- and must -- begin to implement
today. The need for this book is more urgent than ever, and I am proud to be
working with Rodale, a company that for more than six decades has been at the
forefront of environmental responsibility, to bring these solutions to a
global audience."  

Since the 2006 release of An Inconvenient Truth and his Academy Award® winning
film of the same title, Al Gore has organized and moderated more than thirty
comprehensive "Solutions Summits," where the world's leading experts in the
fields of neuroscience, agriculture, economics, and information technology
came together to discuss climate change and share their knowledge -- all with
the goal of finding the most effective courses of action. OUR CHOICE is result
of the groundbreaking insights offered by these participants, whose expertise
has made it possible to construct a fresh and new approach not seen before.

"Despite the many challenges to solving the climate crisis, there is hope, and
the opportunities are everywhere -- especially in the form of increasingly
powerful technological tools," said Vice President Gore. "Renewable sources of
energy -- if developed -- could completely replace CO2-rich fossil fuels, and
new technologies can allow us to move forward with unprecedented scale and
speed to avert the worst impacts and set the stage for successful recovery." 

In OUR CHOICE, Gore, a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace prize in 2007 for his
environmental work, explains how solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and nuclear
energies work and lays out the pros, cons, and latest technological
developments of each source along with a state-of-the-art analysis of carbon
capture and sequestration technologies. 

Gore looks at how deforestation, soil erosion and degradation and population
issues are contributing to the climate crisis and discusses the strategies
being undertaken to counter their effects. He makes sense of the arguments on
both sides of the carbon sequestration discussion and outlines the latest and
most effective efficiency measures that both big business and everyday people
can begin to implement.

Breaking new ground, Gore also explains how the human mind can be an
impediment to change.  Based on discussions with psychologists and
neuroscientists, he reveals the brain system that can guide us in making the
crucial decisions necessary to safeguard civilization and how to employ new
approaches in order to change human behavior.

At the core of many of the solutions discussed in OUR CHOICE is the value and
price placed on CO2.  Gore maintains that in a market economy, every one of
the solutions to climate crisis will be more effective and much easier to
implement if a price is placed on CO2 and other global warming pollutants. 
Gore likens the current sub-prime mortgage crisis to the one we will face if
we continue making investments in sub-prime carbon assets.

"We have got to tell ourselves the truth about the economic impact of
pollution, and we have to measure it," said Gore. "The bottom line is that
business and markets cannot operate in isolation from society and the
environment -- we need 'sustainable capitalism.'" 

Gore argues that one of America's most challenging obstacles to overcoming the
climate crisis is the country's political culture. He examines how political
impediments have stood in the way of progress and turned global warming into a
partisan issue. These include the use of lavishly financed misinformation
campaigns aimed at misleading the public about the true nature and severity of
the climate crisis -- a technique pioneered by tobacco companies -- as well as
the proliferation of media outlets who suggest a false symmetry between
scientific understanding and political opinion.  

Despite the many roadblocks, there is also promise. "In OUR CHOICE, Vice
President Al Gore makes clear that we have the tools we need to implement
change. He also makes it clear that we have no time to lose. Rodale is honored
to be working with Vice President Gore to spread the urgent message," said
Rodale Chairman and CEO, Maria Rodale.

"The security crisis, economic crisis and climate crisis seem unsolvable in
isolation -- but a closer look reveals a common thread running thru them:
society's dangerous over-reliance on carbon-based fuels. It is at the core of
all these and many other challenges," said Gore. 

With OUR CHOICE, Al Gore has provided an invaluable roadmap for real change.
All we need do is start the journey. 

As he did with An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore will donate 100 percent of the
proceeds of OUR CHOICE to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a non-profit,
non-partisan organization that is committed to educating the global community
about the urgency of implementing comprehensive solutions to the climate

OUR CHOICE, a paperback, is 416 pages w/ 4-color illustrations throughout. The
North American editions are printed on 100% recycled paper and OUR CHOICE is a
CarbonNeutral publication. 

Simon & Schuster Audio will publish the audio edition of the book on CD and
digital download simultaneous with the hardcover publication, and Penguin
Young Readers will publish a Young Readers Edition of the book. 

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