Science Behind Low Acid Coffee Claims - David vs. Goliath

Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:30pm EST

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DAVIS, Calif.,  Feb. 23  /PRNewswire/ -- A battle has developed in the coffee
trade between industry leader Folgers (owned by The J.M. Smucker Company), and
an upstart, Puroast Low Acid Coffee. The lines are drawn around the estimated
35 million Americans who have stomach acid problems like acid reflux,
heartburn, et al., who have had to eliminate their morning caffeine boost as
they can't drink regular coffee because its high acid content upsets their
stomachs. Folgers is now promoting Simply Smooth in a global advertising
program with Google, Amazon and Bing, as "Folgers Low Acid Coffee" (1).    

Puroast Research - Two Scientific Studies  

Dr.  Takayuki Shibamoto, a professor of Environmental Toxicology at the 
University of California, Davis  and leading scientist in food safety,
directed research that compared several leading brands of coffee found on US
grocery shelves(2). One brand, Puroast Low Acid Coffee, was found to have
significantly lower acid than the analyzed coffees. Puroast has "somewhere
between 50 and 90% less acid content" than the other coffees, says Shibamoto.
This includes Folgers and Folgers Simply Smooth.  

Shibamoto's pH analyses showed that, contrary to Folgers' current advertising
campaign, Folgers Simply Smooth in fact has 12% more acid than Folgers Regular

The results of a second study by Dr.  Arthur Euler, MD, a gastroenterologist
who was on the R&D team that developed Zantac antacid, showed that 90% of GERD
(gastro-esophageal reflux disease) sufferers could drink Puroast Low Acid
Coffee without the usual stomach upset symptoms (3). This research is
important for health practitioners such as gastroenterologists, general
practice MDs, pharmacists and dieticians who advise people looking for
solutions to the stomach problems they incur from drinking regular coffee.    

Science Behind Folgers Simply Smooth - a company produced "fact sheet"

According to investigative reporting, Folgers offers no independent scientific
research to support its low acid claim. The Daily Democrat, a  Woodland,
California-based newspaper, asked Folgers for their technical information on
both their "low acid" and "stomach friendly" claims. Folgers responded by
providing a "fact sheet" which says... "Folgers Simply Smooth [is] carefully
roasted to remove certain irritants..."(4). They add that the "result of our
research indicates ... Simply Smooth ... is easy on the stomach." To date
Folgers provides no independent chemical or medical research to the public
documenting their "low acid" advertising claim or their labeling that Simply
Smooth is easy on the stomach.

 Contact:  Kerry Sachs    
 Phone: (877) LOW-ACID    

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SOURCE  Puroast Low Acid Coffee

Kerry Sachs of Puroast Low Acid Coffee, 1-877-LOW-ACID

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