DIARY - Belgium to end May 2010

Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:00am EST

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Please note:

- All events/times provisional and in local time unless otherwise indicated.

- The inclusion of an event does not necessarily mean that Reuters will file a story based on it. ------------------------------------------------------------ ECONOMIC INDICATORS DATE GMT/LOCAL INDICATOR PERIOD F/CAST PRIOR 10MAR 1400/1500 GDP final Q4 0.5 19MAR 1400/1500 Consumer confidence Mar -15 23MAR 1400/1500 Leading indicator Mar -7.0 30MAR 0930/1130 CPI y/y Mar 0.70 30MAR 0930/1130 CPI m/m Mar 0.42 21APR 1300/1500 Consumer confidence Apr 24APR 1300/1500 Leading indicator Apr 28APR 1300/1500 GDP flash Q1 29APR 0930/1130 CPI y/y Apr 29APR 0930/1130 CPI m/m Apr 20MAY 1300/1500 Consumer confidence May 26MAY 1300/1500 Leading indicator May 28MAY 0930/1130 CPI y/y May 28MAY 0930/1130 CPI m/m May ----------------------------------------------------------- CORPORATE/TREASURY/POLITICAL EVENTS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10 BRUSSELS - 0730 Fortis FOR.BR 2009 results, 1130 news conference BRUSSELS - Fluxys DIST.BR 2009 results THURSDAY, MARCH 11 BRUSSELS - Delhaize (DELB.BR) 2009 results BRUSSELS - Devgen DEVG.BR 2009 results BRUSSELS - OncoMethylome ONCOB.BR 2009 results FRIDAY, MARCH 12 BRUSSELS - ThromboGenics (THR.BR) 2009 results

MONDAY, MARCH 15 BRUSSELS - IBA (IBAB.BR) 2009 results BRUSSELS - Roularta (RLRT.BR) 2009 results

TUESDAY, MARCH 16 BRUSSELS - Treasury certificate auction (3, twelve months) BRUSSELS - Tigenix (G9U.BR) 2009 results

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 BRUSSELS - Resilux (RESI.BR) 2009 results

THURSDAY, MARCH 18 BRUSSELS - Tessenderlo (TESB.BR) 2009 results BRUSSELS - Deceuninck (DECB.BR) 2009 results BRUSSELS - 4Energy Invest ENIN.BR 2009 results BRUSSELS - Zetes (ZTS.BR) 2009 results

FRIDAY, MARCH 19 BRUSSELS - Duvel Moortgat DUVE.BR 2009 results

THURSDAY, MARCH 25 BRUSSELS - Euronav (EUAV.BR) final 2009 results TUESDAY, MARCH 30 BRUSSELS - CMB (CMB.BR) final 2009 results BRUSSELS - Treasury certificate auction (3,6 months) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31 BRUSSELS - Agfa-Gevaert (AGFB.BR) 2009 results BRUSSELS - Sioen Industries (SIOE.BR) 2009 results THURSDAY, APRIL 1 LUXEMBOURG - SES (SESFd.PA)SESFg.LU annual shareholder meeting TUESDAY, APRIL 13 BRUSSELS - Treasury certificate auction (3, twelve months)

TUESDAY, APRIL 16 BRUSSELS - Arseus (RCUS.BR)first-quarter results TUESDAY, APRIL 20 BRUSSELS - Euronav (EUAV.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Tigenix (G9U.BR) annual shareholder meeting

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 BRUSSELS - BARCO (BAR.BR) first-quarter results

THURSDAY, APRIL 22 BRUSSELS - CMB (CMB.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Mobistar (MSTAR.BR) first-quarter results FRIDAY, APRIL 23 LUXEMBOURG - SES (SESFd.PA)SESFg.LU first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Melexis (MLXS.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Atenor (ATEO.BR) annual shareholder meeting

MONDAY, APRIL 26 BRUSSELS - OLO bond auction BRUSSELS - Duvel Moortgat DUVE.BR annual shareholder meeting and trading statement

TUESDAY, APRIL 27 BRUSSELS - Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI.BR) annual shareholders meeting BRUSSELS - Umicore (UMI.BR) annual shareholder meeting MORTSEL - Agfa-Gevaert (AGFB.BR) annual shareholder meeting MECHELEN - Galapagos GLPG.BR annual shareholder meeting WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28 BRUSSELS- Fortis FOR.BR annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Nyrstar (NYR.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Van de Velde (VELD.BR) annual shareholder meeting

THURSDAY, APRIL 29 LUXEMBOURG - ArcelorMittal (ISPA.AS) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - KBC (KBC.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - UCB (UCB.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - UCB (UCB.BR) first-quarter results UTRECHT - Fortis FOR.BR annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Tessenderlo (TESB.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Barco (BAR.BR) AGM BRUSSELS - Exmar (EXMR.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Ablynx (ABLX.BR) AGM BRUSSELS - Option (OPIN.BR) first quarter results BRUSSELS - Telenet (TNET.BR) first-quarter results FRIDAY, APRIL 30 BRUSSELS - Cofinimmo (COFB.BR) annual shareholder meeting LEUVEN - Option (OPIN.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Sioen Industries (SIOE.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Tessenderlo (TESB.BR) first-quarter results

TUESDAY, MAY 4 BRUSSELS - ThromboGenics (THR.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Treasury certificate auction (3, 6 months) WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 BRUSSELS - Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Delhaize (DELB.BR) first-quarter results

THURSDAY, MAY 6 BRUSSELS - CFE CFEB.BE AGM BRUSSELS - 4Energy Invest ENIN.BR first-quarter results BRUSSELS - OncoMethylome ONCOB.BR trading update

FRIDAY, MAY 7 BRUSSELS - Belgacom (BCOM.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - NPM/CNP NAT.BR first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Ter Beke (TERB.BR) first-quarter results

MONDAY, MAY 10 BRUSSELS - Cofinimmo (COFB.BR) first-quarter results TUESDAY, MAY 11 LUXEMBOURG - ArcelorMittal (ISPA.AS) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Solvay (SOLB.BR) first-quarter results (1300), annual shareholder meeting (1430) BRUSSELS - EVS (EVSB.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Recticel (RECT.BR) first-quarter results, annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Deceuninck (DECB.BR) first-quarter results, annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Fluxys DIST.BR annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - IBA (IBAB.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - ThromboGenics (THR.BR) first-quarter results

WEDNESDAY, MAY 12 BRUSSELS - Dexia (DEXI.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Fortis FOR.BR first-quarter results BRUSSELS - KBC (KBC.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Bekaert (BEKB.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - IBA (IBAB.BR) AGM

MONDAY, MAY 17 BRUSSELS - Ackermans & van Haaren (ACKB.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - CFE (CFEB.BR) interim earnings statement BRUSSELS - Devgen DEVG.BR trading update THURSDAY, MAY 18 BRUSSELS - Exmar (EXMR.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Kinepolis (KIPO.BR) first-quarter update BRUSSELS - EVS (EVSB.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Treasury certificate auction (3, twelve months) ROESELARE - Roularta (RLRT.BR) annual shareholder meeting

WEDNESDAY, MAY 19 BRUSSELS - Agfa-Gevaert (AGFB.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - D'Ieteren (IETB.BR) first-quarter results BRUSSELS - Ablynx (ABLX.BR) quarterly trading BRUSSELS - Atenor (ATEO.BR) trading update

THURSDAY, May 20 BRUSSELS - GIMV (GIMV.BR) full-year results FRIDAY, MAY 21 BRUSSELS - Kinepolis (KIPO.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - 4Energy Invest ENIN.BR annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Resilux (RESI.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUUSELS - Transics TRAN.BR annual shareholder meeting

TUESDAY, MAY 25 BRUSSELS - Befimmo (BEFB.BR) first-half results

WEDNESDAY, MAY 26 BRUSSELS - Zetes (ZTS.BR) annual shareholders meeting THURSDAY, MAY 27 BRUSSELS - Dexia investor day BRUSSELS - D'Ieteren (IETB.BR) annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - Ter Beke (TERB.BR) annual shareholder meeting

FRIDAY, MAY 28 BRUSSELS - OncoMethylome ONCOB.BR annual shareholder meeting BRUSSELS - RealDolmen (REAL.BR) 2009/2010 annual results BRUSSELS - Sioen Industries (SIOE.BR) first-quarter trading update

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