Factbox: Healthcare overhaul has few final steps

WASHINGTON Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:14am EDT


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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats in the House of Representatives approved President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul on Sunday and forwarded some finishing touches to the Senate for consideration later this week.

The Senate action would be the final step in a nearly year-long process that has consumed the Congress in political brawling and heavily dented Obama's approval ratings.

The House and Senate approved separate healthcare bills late last year, but negotiations to merge them collapsed in January after Democrats lost their crucial 60th vote -- the number needed to overcome Republican procedural hurdles -- in a special Senate election in Massachusetts.

Advocates of the overhaul rallied for a final push before Congress leaves for a two-week recess on about March 26. Here are the last few stages:

* The House approved the overhaul on Sunday in a two-step process. It voted on the Senate's version of the bill, which becomes law as soon as Obama signs it.

That bill includes the main elements of the overhaul, including new exchanges where individuals and groups could shop for coverage and imposing new regulations on the insurance industry.

* The House also approved a separate package of changes to the Senate bill sought by House Democrats. That second bill now goes to the 100-member Senate under budget reconciliation rules that allow it to pass by a simple majority, bypassing the need for 60 votes.

The Senate is expected to take up the second bill this week. Republicans plan to use procedural tactics to challenge many of the provisions under reconciliation rules, which require each provision to have a budgetary impact.

The Senate parliamentarian will be asked to give an opinion on whether the provisions meet those rules. If any are ruled out of order, the entire package must be approved again by the House.

(Reporting by John Whitesides, editing by Deborah Charles and Paul Simao)

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MarieDevine wrote:
We have few final steps to overcome this.

See how neatly this Mandatory Health Insurance plan, deceitfully called Health Care Reform, fits in with the great tribulation God warned against and where our escape is:

God warned us against a great control and Revelation 14 “mark of the beast” that would require we deny our faith. We are commanded under no circumstances to take the mark of the beast. The implant, the financial and medical records company are already established, all they need is a vehicle like health care. God does not lie.

The mark will have all our medical information etc. and will be like a debit or credit card and identification rolled into one. It will be the only legitimate identification for employment or buying food, gas, etc. It will sound good to those who do not know God’s warning.

This is why God has been warning us to turn to a garden paradise lifestyle where we do not have to buy or sell. It conforms to Joel 2. The garden paradise lifestyle also solves all the world problems created by the enslavement employment lifestyle that is needed to pay for mandatory insurance. Be sure not to continue to fight God’s ways. God’s ways are a great life and we must believe the word of God or we cannot escape what is coming.

If we truly believe in God’s power, we can end our insurance. It is our strongest voice and way of full escape from this system. There is an exclusion in the Health Care Reform mandatory insurance for religious objections; but how can you claim it if you have insurance? That is why God says, we are saved by faith, not by our good works and not buy keeping the law of God; faith in the power of God is our escape. Why would we need insurance?

Mar 22, 2010 10:38am EDT  --  Report as abuse
truly wrote:
Or, God expects us to use the intellect and the sense of community He instilled within us to take the initiative to provide humane health care available to our fellow man.

Mar 22, 2010 12:30pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Story_Burn wrote:
I really hope the Senate puts up a much bigger fight

Mar 22, 2010 12:48pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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