Furukawa Showcases MCPET with New Solutions in Thermoforming and UniBrite Technologies at Lightfair International 2010

Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:05am EDT

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TOKYO--(Business Wire)--
Furukawa Electric (TOKYO:5801)(ISIN:JP3827200001), one of the leading companies
in the global lighting industry, will participate in Lightfair International
2010 (Booth #2835) tradeshow held in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 12 to 14. Of all
our exhibits that are displayed at our booth, we are proud to present the high
quality MCPET (Microcellular PET reflective sheet technology) in new thermoform
shapes, including the unique OptoDesign UniBrite technology. We successfully
reduced production cost and significantly improved light output by introducing
the thermoform capability and OptoDesign UniBrite technology for LED
applications. Furukawa is qualified for and have capabilities of mass producing

Furukawa focuses on the color and thermal benefits of MCPET. MCPET, thermoformed
into complex shapes, is proven as an excellent/certified component of backlight
LCD TV systems, fluorescent and LED signage, and progressive LED designs, which
brings brighter, more homogenous, and optimal light efficiency. 

By using MCPET, the increased illumination intensity between lamps produces more
balanced lighting effect. It also significantly reduces the consumption of power
and visible striping in signage displays. Traditionally, metallic reflection
panels absorb red light, which changes the color of the reflected light to a
darker or bluer tint. In contrast, the white MCPET sheets reflects light in the
visible light range from 400 nanometer (nm) to 700 nm. The sheet, which is
capable of reflecting blue and red light almost equally, enables us to produce
uniform bright sign panels. 

By using MCPET optimal reflectivity and overall diffused reflectance become a
key factor in improving light efficiency. Conventionally, metallic reflectors
achieve limited diffused reflectance ratio and restrict the total light
reflecting to a single direction. On the other hand, the 1 millimeter (mm)thick
foamed MCPET consist of extra fine cell diameters of 10 microns or less, yields
99% reflectivity and 96% diffused reflectance. 

Furukawa's MCPET (RB grade) is certified UL94-HBF and fully compliant with the
RoHS Directive. The material is environment friendly and fully recyclable. By
using MCPET, we support Green Initiative projects. In North and South America,
American Furukawa, Inc (AFI) coordinates sales and distribution of MCPET
reflective light sheets. 

We look forward to your visit at our Booth #2835 in May in Las Vegas, NV. 

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About Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.,

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., is a $10 billion global leader in the design,
manufacture and supply of electronic components, power cables, nonferrous
metals, and other advanced technology products. Furukawa has been manufacturing
leading edge products for more than 100 years and continues to serve our
customers with industry-leading technology in the 21st century. 

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