Florida Company Smart Nutra Inc. Makes Breakthough Advancement in the Treatment of Lice

Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:52pm EDT

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Head Lice the Hidden Epidemic That Affects Millions 
MIAMI--(Business Wire)--
According to Smart Nutra Inc., there were 6-12 million outbreaks of head lice
reported in the United States this year. Large outbreaks of louse infestations
have also been reported from all over the world including Israel, Denmark,
Sweden, U.K., France and Australia. The number of cases of human louse
infestations (or pediculosis) worldwide is in the hundreds of millions. 

Studies show that girls are up to 4 times more frequently infested than boys.
Children between 4 and 13 years of age are the most frequently infested group. 

Researchers have warned for years that head lice in the U.S. and around the
world were developing immunity to the strong insecticides used in
over-the-counter and prescription shampoos. "It only takes 3-5 years for a head
louse to adapt to a new product, despite claims to the contrary by the
manufacturers," noted Shirley C. Gordon, an associate professor at Florida
Atlantic University who studies persistent head lice. 

Due to its stigma, people often hide the fact their family has a lice
infestation. Doctors often fail to recognize a louse or its nits, and there are
many misconceptions about head lice, nits, and head lice remedies. 

The most common misconception is that if you have lice you must be dirty. The
U.K.'s National Health Service and many American health agencies report that
lice prefer clean hair. This is because it's easier to attach eggs to clean hair

Another common misconception is that outbreaks are rare. In 1997, 80% of
American elementary schools reported at least one outbreak of lice. According to
wikepedia.com, "head lice infestation during that same period was more prevalent
than chicken pox." 

The only true way to completely eliminate head lice is to kill lice and remove
all nits. "If you don't end the lice life cycle, you will never get rid of the
head lice infestation," says Howard P. Shecter, CEO of Smart Nutra Inc.,
manufacturer of non-toxic head lice product Clearlice. 

It is a fact that nits (lice eggs) can survive off a human host for 7-10 days.
Once they hatch, they will be hungry and looking for a tasty human blood meal.
This is why it is important to thoroughly clean and launder your home

Clearlice was developed by Howard P. Shecter in 2008, when his own son came home
with head lice from school. He and his wife tried everything they could, but
battled with head lice for three months. They were at their wits end. 

After much research and testing, Howard, with the help of a chemist, developed a
non-toxic formula that ends lice infestations in one day. Clearlice is an easy
to apply shampoo, and a non-toxic household and laundry detergent. 

Clearlice has been able to stay at the forefront of this epidemic for the past 2
years because head lice can NEVER become immune to it. It uses natural
ingredients that break open the protective shells of lice and nits. Without
these shells, the lice and nits cannot survive. 

Clearlice listens to its customers and goes above and beyond normal customer
service to be there for them and help them through their frustrating ordeal. Day
or night, you can usually speak to a live, friendly lice expert. 

Clearlice contains only the most natural ingredients, and never uses poisons,
pesticides, or harsh chemicals. It is put into an easy to use shampoo formula
that is safe for children, but unbearable for lice. 

Howard believes, "As a parent myself, it is my mission and my passion to help
parents win the war against head lice without using dangerous chemicals that are
not only ineffective, but also totally unnecessary, and potentially dangerous." 

Clearlice works, and it works fast. 

About Smart Nutra Inc.

Smart Nutra Inc., a Florida-based company, researches and develops non-toxic,
natural products for children and adults that do not use any harsh chemicals,
poisons, or potentially dangerous ingredients. We separate ourselves from other
companies by giving our customers world-class customer service.

Smart Nutra Inc.
Howard P Shecter, Founder and President, 561-213-9806

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