Huntington Copper (HCMM), Top-Rated Small Business Consulting Firm, Changes Ownership

Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:05am EDT

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Huntington Copper (HCMM), a reputable management consulting firm for
small and medium-sized businesses, was recently acquired by Mr. Rob
Popkey and Mr. David Pineda. The firm, which has 80+ employees, was
founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Former owner
Mr. Patrick Maguire reflects, "I looked for people who would maintain our
A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have the skill sets
to take this firm to next level." While large companies have several
firms such as Price Waterhouse or Accenture to assist them, HCMM
represents the first true brand name in small business consulting,
helping thousands of owners of small and medium sized companies overcome
their challenges and capitalize on the opportunities available to them.
HCMM has achieved and sustained a continual A+ rating with the BBB, an
accomplishment no other business consulting firm of its type has achieved.

    Since 2001, HCMM has been the only business consulting firm specializing
in small to medium sized businesses to maintain the coveted A+ rating
with the BBB. Rob Popkey stated, "HCMM will continue to be the industry
leader for delivering a quality product and service. We are committed to
maintaining HCMM's A+ rating with the BBB." David Pineda added, "The A+
rating is determined by what the client has to say about the firm, not
what HCMM has to say about itself! We have no intention of changing the
standards that have propelled HCMM to its A+ rating. In fact, we're
raising those standards. We simply want to open up our talent pool to
more business owners so they too can achieve the same level of success
that current HCMM clients experience. We will continue to focus on being
the best, not on being the biggest. While other national competitors have
concentrated on growth, HCMM has solely focused on client results and

    "With the approaching economic rebound, now is the time for business
owners to modify their business practices to take advantage of the
upcoming opportunities," said Rob Popkey. "Countless business owners have
seized the opportunity for HCMM to become their trusted advisor to ensure
a greater likelihood of success."

    David Pineda echoed their mission statement, which in part says: "The
obligation of our very existence is to help business owners reach levels
of profits, ease of ownership, and security that would have been
impossible without us."

    About Huntington Copper (HCMM): 

    Huntington Copper ( is a business management consulting firm
that works with owners of small and medium sized businesses. HCMM quickly
and efficiently addresses their clients' most pressing business
challenges so their clients can concentrate on their core business and
increase their profits. HCMM specializes in improving operations, cash
flow, accounting/finance, organizational structure, sales/marketing,
productivity measurement systems, incentive plans for employees, and exit
strategies to improve their clients' profits and ease of operations. HCMM
clients typically generate between $1 million to $100 million a year in


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