TruFocals, the Award Winning Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses, Re-Brands as Superfocus

Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:29pm EDT

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TruFocals, the Award Winning Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses, Re-Brands as Superfocus

New Brand Reflects Emotional and Physical Benefits of a Return to Youthful Vision

Superfocus LLC, formerly known as Zoom Focus Eyewear LLC, announced today the new brand campaign for Superfocus, the award winning adjustable focus eyeglasses formerly known as TruFocals. The new name reflects the benefits Superfocus provides to individuals suffering from presbyopia, a natural result of aging in which the eye's crystalline lens becomes increasingly inflexible, making it difficult to focus on nearby objects. Unlike bifocals, trifocals or progressives, Superfocus glasses function like the youthful human eye - providing razor sharp focus at any distance by instantly focusing the entire lens.

The brand change was inspired by conversations between the company and its users, during which a universal customer experience became evident: most reported an “awakening” or an “ah-ha” moment upon trying the glasses. Over and over again, consumers used the words “super” and “super focus” to describe their newfound focusing ability. News about the eyeglasses’ capabilities has spread quickly amongst consumers, especially in communities where vision plays a key role, including architects, computer programmers, pilots and shooting enthusiasts.

“After nearly two decades of developing and refining this invention, we are changing our name to best reflect the benefit these revolutionary glasses provide to our growing base of consumers – the ability to see the world in Superfocus,” explains Stephen Kurtin, chief technologist at Superfocus LLC. “Our users tell us our technology has given them back the vision they had when they were young. Now, we plan to leverage some of our more prominent users to tell the world about this amazing benefit.”

Dynamic, adjustable focus eyeglasses that successfully emulate the youthful human eye’s ability to change focus have been a leading scientific goal for over a century. Superfocus achieves that goal by utilizing a lightweight two-lens system. Each “lens” is actually a set of two lenses, one firm and one flexible. The firm front lens holds the distance prescription including astigmatic and prism corrections. The flexible lens (closest to the eye) has a transparent distensible membrane attached to a clear rigid surface. The space between the membrane and rigid surface holds a small quantity of clear optical fluid. As a user moves a slider on the bridge of the nose, the fluid is pushed forward to alter the shape of the membrane, thereby altering the shape of the flexible lens as well. Changing the shape changes its focus, mimicking the performance of the natural lenses in the youthful human eye. This return to youthful vision marks a return to superior focus, or Superfocus.

"It's great to be able to use all of the area of the lens for every focal length. Things are always in focus no matter how I tip my head. And, the technology is cool, and they look really groovy," said Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller.

Since its introduction in August 2009 into a $10 billion addressable market composed of 65 million presbyopes in the U.S., the Superfocus technology has been awarded several prestigious industry awards, including the Popular Science 2009 Best of What’s New Award and the Wall Street Journal 2010 Innovations Silver Award. Most recently, Superfocus was further validated by NASA, which certified the eyeglasses for use in space on the November 1, 2010 flight STS-133 to the International Space Station.

“This technology has changed my life for the better. The glasses allow the entire visual plane that I am looking at to be in focus without having to crane my neck and without restricting my view to one tiny area of the lens,” said Computer Technician and Small Business Owner Terry Stone.

The brand development is the latest work by legendary ad man George Lois, whose career highlights include popularizing the Xerox culture, USA TODAY, ESPN, and creating the “I Want my MTV” campaign. The new Superfocus brand will launch via national TV and print advertising and will feature Magician and Comedian Penn Jillette, Architect Richard Meier, Artistic Director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Judith Jamison and Screen/Stage actors Joel Grey and Rita Moreno.

Superfocus glasses are available online at and by phone: 1-800-900-3700. Also visit for a list of participating Eye Care Practitioners throughout the U.S. that carry Superfocus.

About Superfocus

Superfocus glasses were invented by Dr. Stephen Kurtin, a successful inventor with more than 30 patents to his name. Recognizing that multi-focals, progressives or carrying multiple pairs of single vision glasses did not provide a satisfactory vision solution, he set out to develop a better one. The result, after 20 years of development, is Superfocus, the world’s first and only eyeglasses offering on-demand, user-adjustable, infinitely variable focus through the entire field of view. Superfocus glasses are available through eye care professionals or via Superfocus come with scratch-resistant, antireflective and anti-smudge coatings; and they protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Superfocus glasses are covered by one or more of the following US patents: 5,138,494; 5,668,620: 5,956,183; 6,040,947; 6,053,610; and 7,008,054.

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